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    Despite all the spin we are no further forward than we were from when Price Waterhouse gave its recommendations. There has been a complete failure by both the media and more importantly by all political parties to grasp the importance of an air force to a sovereign democratic state.
    Why the bruhaha over 6 measly helicopters? Undoubtedly the ACE will end up with 6 plastic helicopters from Eurocopter. What is needed is a 'leak' from the ACE to The Sunday Times to shame the incompetent morons incharge of leaving us defenceless.
    An urgent 5 year plan is required with a budget for 100million Euro for purchases. If the Celtic Tiger cannot afford this paltry sum then ask Tony Blair can the Dail be changed to an assembly and the 'Republic' rejoin the UK. This would solve the Unionist concerns while giving the Chuckies a united Ireland.
    More importantly it would formally acknowledge what every diplomat knows. That is Bertie et al could admit that British taxpayers provide independent Irelands defence since its 'freedom' as well as the RNLI!!!!!
    If anyone studies the PWR it clearly states that renting helicopters for SAR is a complete waste of money while also recommending the purchase of further CASA Persuader to provide an Air Corps based 24/7 top-cover and multi-tasked medium helicopters.
    Is no-one aware that Portugals 2 EH-101 SAR/ MR were 65% funded by the EU as they are equipped with FLIR and an advanced maritime search and track radar!!!! Surely to God someone can re-issue the RFP for 4 Medium SAR but stick on a request for MR to facilitate EU requirements for Fishery Protection, Anti-Narcotics, Anti global terrorism.
    In relation to the shortlisted helicopters Australia is sticking with Sikorsky. However you will notice that British, French, Spanish, Dutch and Swiss all use the various Eurocopter Cougar. This is because their heliborne troops debus ready to fight. The Blackhawk does not allow this as the cabin is too cramped. Having flown in one with a para-rescue team you couldn't swing a cat! The elite para-rescuers hated it as it had no range, no room and was a 'soft touch' for 7.62 never mind 14.5!!!! They were desperate for the airforce to order another 'Jolly Green Giant',ie the H-92. In fact the H-92 was developed to counter these very criticisms. Spain however does use the S-76 for training its airforce pilots.
    The Augusta-Bell 139 is a really great helicopter with the advantage of being a truly new helicopter taking advantage of an excellent diagnostic system which records wear and tear on the complete system. The US Coast Guard have ordered 90 to replace the Sikorsky S-60 Jayhawk due to its better range, better lifting ability and spacious cabin. RAF of Oman has ordered the Augusta Westland Lynx 300 for attack role but ordered the AB-139 for troop assault!!!!!

    The 2 submitted by Eurocopter are good private choppers or training machines but the EC-145 is merely a further development of the 1970s MBB/Kawasaki BK-117 which is yet to find a military operator!!!!!
    Before I go while everyone knocks the Dauphin, please remember that tha Air Corps wanted 15 !!!!! 10 to replace the Allouette in troop transport and 5 to form an initial Naval Air Service [ source Janes] to operate of 4 P-31!!!!! As the EU paid for 65% of the 5million per aircraft is it not the least we could do to find the 1.5 million Euro for their upgrade, After all 2 of the remaining 3 are fully spec for naval use???
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    From DoD website:

    At a Press Conference in South Lebanon today the Minister for Defence, Mr. Michael Smith, T.D., announced a multi-million pound investment programme for the army. This follows his recent announcement of a major investment programme for the Air Corps with £55 million over 3 years for new aircraft, ....

    16 March, 2000

    what happened this money?