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    Hi all, just curious as I'm starting an aeronautical eng degree nest week, has anyone on the board actually done this degree or heard anything about it. I havent spoken to many who have done it so I thought because of the aviation aspect to it, there might be a couple of guys in the know around the place.Thanks in advance

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    I think Earhart may have done this. She isnt a guy.

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      I did the Aeronautical Engineering BEng at Queen's in Belfast. I just hope for your own sake you are good at maths. The levels you are taken to in aerodynamics and thermodynamics are truly frightening. Control systems, computers and aircraft structures are pretty tough too but nowhere near as bad as the other two. I finished 10 years ago and still have nightmares about it. Suffice to say I chose a different career path after graduating.

      Where are you doing your course? When I started Queens was the only college on the island of Ireland where you could study Aero Eng. In the early 1990s the University of Limerick started a course, partly set up by the guy who was head of the Queens Aero Eng Dept when I started. After he retired he worked part-time in Queens and then worked on the UL course.

      Good luck, with it.


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        I think they do it in Carlow IT as well.

        Its a National Certificate Course in Avionic Engineering. This IT graduates who want to become Avionic technicians in the aircraft maintenance industry.

        The actually train on Fouga jets donated by the IAC.
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          earhart did indeed do aero eng in UL, best to pm her. a few friends of mine are doing it in UL, 26 hours a week or so in 1st year, which is pretty much mech eng. theres a work experience module and (i think) optional study abroad.
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            Yeah its in UL that I'm doing it. Iknow theres a lot of tough maths involved alright but I'm not too bad at them so that bits ok. Thanks for the info and I'll pm Earhart and see what she thought of it.


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              "Its a National Certificate Course in Avionic Engineering. This IT graduates who want to become Avionic technicians in the aircraft maintenance industry."

              I've just started this course. I don't think that the Avionics course has much similarities with the Aero Engineering. From what I can tell, the Avionics course is Electronics with more focus on Aviation and you have to sit JAR exams as well as collage exams. However having done your two year cert you can join the Aero course in year two. The guy over my course recons that the only problems people have had doing this was catching up with the maths, but UL offers a bridging course.

              The fouga is an nice bonus, are lecturer in Engineering Science and Principles uses the aircraft a lot to demonstrate principles. He recons we'll be stripping down the aircraft in second year.