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    Any of you lads and lassies know do the Air Corps get many Visitors to Bal ? Ive got relations up there but havent gotten the time to ask them. Anybody know?:-patriot:

    The most memorable visit i can remember is when a French AF Mirage broke the sound barrier over Galway Bay and then i think it headed to Bal. People were ringing up local radio stations like there was no tomorrow, it was great.

    Another thing, that blackhawk picture on the abbeyshrule website could have been taken at the salthill airshow in the year that the USS JFK Dropped anchor as the day before the Airshow a Seahawk came into salthill with an F-14 Pilot on board and did a recce of the Display line. The recce also included high alt Recce passes and the Seahawk had no Fuel tanks on it much like the picture on the Abbeyshrule Website so it remains open to question.