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New Designation For Maritime Sqn.

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  • New Designation For Maritime Sqn.


    The 101 Squadron is now the designation (since 2002) for what use to be Maritime
    Squadron. The New Unit Badge retains the Gannet from the original badge but now also features
    the map of Europe & Euro Stars (notice one star is actually a Shamrock). The motto
    "Eyes over the Sea" is now in Irish.

    The badge was designed by a Corporal Finbar Cotter and will first worn by the squadron
    in March 2003.

    The Army Co-Op Sqn Was re designated 104 Sqn in July 2002 and also had thier Badge re designed.
    Friends Come and Go, but Enemies accumulate!!

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    should there be 15 euro stars...............?


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      No, the number of stars is right. The authorities in Europe say that the number of stars should not be thought of as being equal to the number of member countries; they want to stick with twelve, even if more countries join.


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        It was Decided When Sweden, Austria, and Finland Joined that The Existing Flag in use since 1986 should remain with 12 Stars regardless of Member States.

        Begs the Question why the Shamrock was Added. There's only 11 So...

        Friends Come and Go, but Enemies accumulate!!


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          I'd assume the Shamrock takes the place of the Irish star.
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            The shamrock is also placed (on the badge) where most of the maritime patrols take place - i.e. over the atlantic !

            IRISH AIR CORPS - Serving the Nation.


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              I think it is quite smart. Well done to Cpl. Finbar Cotter for his design skills.