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    "Aiden, with regard to the 'A' and 'B' classification, I was just being lasy, sorry!."

    Thats Ok, I was just bored and pedantic. A lethal combination. Sorry!

    "Are you sure the Etendard is sungle engined its an awfully big aircraft"

    Yup, it certainly is (Snecma 8K-50). Its also underpowered and has poor range and payload. The MN wanted to replace their entire fleet of fixed wing aircraft with F/A-18s in the 1980s when their F-8s left service. Instead they got a mildly upgraded SEM and were told wait for the Rafale.


    On the engine issue, I've no idea of attrition rates for other single engined Naval Aircraft. Will have a look. Have heard that the USN thank their lucky stars that the F/A-18 is a twin though, specially since a number of them made it back to the boat after Afghanistan after an engine flameout. One of the reasons (excuses?) that the USN say they're happy with the F-35 is that modern engine reliability has advanced to the extent that they're not worried about losing planes due to engine problems. Claiming that their research shows that hydraulic or electrical problems are much more likely to be the cause of an accident than flame-out.


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      Reading between the lines does that mean that the navy are thanking their lucky stars to get any aircraft at all????
      There is no problem that cannot be fixed with high explosive.


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        your right

        Turkey i am sorry for replying soangily to CQ's commentsand i think it's time to frorgive and forget as at the end of the day we are all in the same boat that is :-patriot:EIRE:-patriot:.

        Now i think that i have evaluated my position and yes Helicopers are priority.

        Jets can wait a bit.

        Just as a matter of interest, how many pilots does the AC actually have at the moment? And if we were to get ac, would the DoD be handing out applications like nobodys business?:D :D :D :-patriot:


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          Below the required establishment but theres fk all for them to fly
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