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  • Radar-Can anyone identify?

    Hi folks,

    I paid a visit to the IAC Museum in Baldonnel yesterday and that place improves with every visit. Well done to the curator, Airman Whealan.

    Lots of new items have been added since my last visit, all very interesting and all identifiable, apart from one.
    A mobile search radar has been added to the collection and all I know is that it's British in origin and dates from the post war period(?). Can anyine identify it. Click on the link below for a look.

    All other photos from the visit can be seen at:

    All info on the fate of ex a/c aircraft including some news on an Alpine destination for one of the Fougas can be read at:

    You can also take a look at the new magazine at:
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    That looks good. Well done to all involved.

    Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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      Can anyone visit this museum I mean by just arriving at the gate and saying you want to have look?


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        Originally posted by Hairflick
        Can anyone visit this museum I mean by just arriving at the gate and saying you want to have look?
        No, you have to ring the Don and they`ll give you a date on which you can come.
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          Whats the number to ring, do you ask for somone in particular (this airman Whelan for example)Do you have to be a serving member of the PDF/RDF to get an appointment? (Im ex FCA -moved overseas). is there usually a long wait?, are numbers restricted? can you bring kids?

          i will be in the country at christmas for a a couple of weeks, and after see this tread and hearing about this museum for soo long thought i might have a look

          sorry for all the questions, would appreciate any info.


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            I would think that visits would normally go through Air Corps HQ. By calling the Don and introducing yourself as an ex RDF man looking to visit the museum I am sure you will have no problems. If you know someone in there, even better, they can set it up for you. I would try giving them a call a few weeks in advance to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Will PM you the number when I dig it up.