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Naas road overpass/Baldonnell planespotting

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  • Naas road overpass/Baldonnell planespotting

    I went for a cycle from "somewhere close" to Baldonnell on Wednesday (part of my "get rid of gut" programme) and brought a pair of binos. I'll not discuss whether I saw anything or not (last time I did that, I got penalty points) but I did get some great views. Now I see the Naas road overpass near Baldonnell is about to be closed for repairs. Damn shame. The North side of that bridge seems to be the best spot for plane spotting at Bal. You can see right onto the apron if you have a decent set of binoculars.

    Anyone else do any planespotting down there? Any better spots? Are the lads in Bal ok with anoraks with binos being nosey? Or do they turn all Greek on us?
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    try citywest bridge, south end to middle is good vis. you get a good view of the 'new' hangar from here. then go into browns barn to warm yourself up. look for me and buy me a carlsberg!!!!!!


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      if your a member of the Defence Forces why not just go into the camp and get a better look
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