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    Joined: Oct. 2003 Posted: 03 Dec. 2004,06:47

    Hello Folks,

    With the redesign taking a bit longer than expected our distributors asked us to rename the issue as December and I am glad to announce that it has been delivered. Wont be in the shops until Tuesday. The quality has really improved and I hope you enjoy it.

    If you cant wait until Tuesday or cant get to the shops for any reason you can order your copy online at the following address:

    Price is still Eur5 and there is no charge for the postage. Delivery within three working days. Might save you a bit of hassle chasing around the newsagents.

    Looking forward to your feedback re the new design.
    We will incorporate any good suggestions you may have. We have a standard template for the magazine now and are working on the January issue including an indepth look at the EC-135 and AB139.



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    Hi all!

    Check out for the Wings Ireland Christmas 2004 special offer. Well worth the look!
    Annual sub €40/Ireland and £28/Northern Ireland.

    All Dec subs in the post(strike or no strike!)

    Thanks to all who supported the magazine during 2004!



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      good reading especially damien smiths artical on arthur wignall.

      Ireally must send u some photos for the next edition ...please supply emeil adress so i can send them on.

      Covid 19 is not over's still very real..Hand Hygiene, Social Distancing and Masks.. keep safe


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        Hi Paul,

        Apologies I lost your e-mail address to reply to you. Would love to get some photos. Send anything you have to editor AT
        Looking forward to seeing them,


        [MOD:Email address editted: Spamers pick up addresses on boards like these and send you all their latest "offers"]


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          Hi Guys,

          Hope you liked the December mag.

          January Issue of Wings Ireland:

          Icebird, From the Jumpseat by Mark Dwyer

          Flight Test Tecnam P-2003. M. Bevan

          Coonagh Airfield

          Air Corps-AB-139 and EC-145 The Next Generation.

          Air Corps Museum Update-Latest Photographs

          Memory Lane, Damien Smyth

          Product Reviews-Latest Flight Sim Hardware and Software, by Derek Clarke.

          Trim Airfeild

          News Update

          Register Update

          Aircraft Movements

          AAIU Reports

          The Christmas €40 Annual Subscription Special Offer is available until the 31st of December only. Thanks to all who have availed so far. If anyone would like to subscribe for the low price visit
          Just fill out the Secure form to avail.

          Many thanks to all who have supported the magazine in 2004. Looking forward with your help and suggestions to taking the magazine to new heights in 2005.



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            website is dead, is the mag gone too?
            You're even dumber than I tell people

            You might have been infected but you never were a bore


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              It is,it seems.

              Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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                Originally posted by Big Al
                website is dead, is the mag gone too?
                Yup, gone bankrupt I'm afraid.
                "The dolphins were monkeys that didn't like the land, walked back to the water, went back from the sand."


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                  A shame. Wings Ireland, my comiserations.
                  If you have to do it, you always have to do it right. Either it makes a difference, or it’s good practice so that when it does make a difference, it gets done right.