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    Has anyone seen this months issue? Excellent interview with GOC Air Corps,where he details the future for the service,lots of interesting revelations.

    Casa Mid Life Upgrade,involving Complete Radar Upgrade will be required in next few years.

    DOMNR has requirement for 1000 hours Fixed wing Pollution Monitoring and control. Suitable aircraft may be required for this,possibly the Cessna replacment.

    The Air Corps intended Leasing a 10 to 12 seater Citation for MATS in 2002,and tenders were invited,until the government decided instead that it wanted a Long range aircraft capable of operating from a 6000 foot runway carrying at least 25 passengers and 5 crew 3500NM non stop and Max range of 5000NM non stop,and another,capable of operating from a 4800 foot runway,carrying 7 passengers to a destination of not less than 1500nm non stop. The long range aircraft plan was shelved,and the government went ahead with the proposed King Air replacment, The Learjet 45,costing €8.4m(plus VAT),funded from savings in the Dept of defence(and not the Dept of the Taoiseach,as bertie assured us all)

    Siai Marchettis will be disposed of by tender by the end of this year.

    The EC135 was selected in preference to the Agusta A109Power, will feature 2 Pilot EFIS cockpit,fully coupled autopilot,Low Skid Undercarriage and Honeywell Nose mounted weather Radar. Due for delivery in Mid october or early November,Ser No 270,271

    The AB139 was selected in Preference to the Eurocopter EC145,Sikorsky S76C and S70A.First two due for delivery in June of next year,2 more Due for delivery in 2007 and hopefully if th eoption is exercised,two more in 2008.Ser No 272,273,274,275,276,277

    Dauphins cost €6.35m in Contract repairs and parts between 1997 and 2000. Next scheduled overhauls would cost €2.5m per aircraft. Only 15% of the Target of Naval operations was achieved with LE Eithne,and both Navalised Dauphins(ser No 244,245) are Withdrawn from service and cannot be flown without further overhaul,which will now not be carried out.

    Big Push on to demonstrate the Air Corps air ambulance capabilities,with the Learjet,and both new Heli types.
    A cessna replacment type has yet to be evaluated,but Island utility is a new consideration in its selection.
    Enhanced airlift is also being evaluated,with the global dispertion of our troops pointing towards a larger aircraft such as an A320 rather than a Hercules or C27.

    He wants to build air corps capacity in rotary wing so that in time an air corps element could travel overseas as an air corps element.

    Ser No 268,269 reserved for future Pilatus PC-9s.

    In summary: Get the new aircraft,get them running,show the "customer" what can be done,and prove itself.

    Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.

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    Thanks GF, not much chance of seeing this on the magazine shelf here!



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      An A320 or two, would be a very sensible choice and of course it would double up as a smart VIP transport (a nice enducement for the next government to order them) - I wonder would they have to based away from Baldonnel..

      Islander's would also be a good addition

      It will be interesting to see where the Marchetti's wind up.


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        Hi all
        Maybe a Dauphin will end up in the Museum and the Marchettis might go to an existing user, given the civil service dislike of "armed" aircraft ending up in the civvie register. An Islander/Defender would be nice, especially for island service or for parachuting (two items currently being carried out very efficiently by civvie organisations, why would the Don need to duplicate this?). Could you see a twin turbo being bought or hired in for pollution control, such as Air Atlantique's Cessna 404s?
        An A320? Get one off Aer Lingus. We have plenty.
        A Dauphin replacement for the Navy, perhaps? How about Super Lynxs?


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          Pure speculation on my part; but if the oft rumoured on this site, large naval support vessel is purchased, i reckon we'll see helicopters like the Merlin or NH90 operate on board , rather than something in the lynx class. This would pave the way to have land based varients - and minimise the number of different types in service.


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            Naval Service ships and helicopters are like oil and water , the two have never mixed .
            Don't spit in my Bouillabaisse .


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              It is indeed a good feature article in the magazine (10 pages in total).

              However, the GOC speculated that (words to this effect) ...... 'the size of vessel to be operated by the NS in the future will not require/have an onboard heli' and that ' the Dauphins were effectively 'wasted' on the Eithne for all the use they were put to while there'.
              IRISH AIR CORPS - Serving the Nation.


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                well that is the end of that rumour


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                  Speaking of Air Corps matters, there seems to be an impromtu airshow/photoshoot going on over the centre of Dublin right now - ~15.05, Thursday 7th June. Theres been a Dauphin hovering fairly high over the green for the last 20mins, with 3 Pc-9s making repeated passes by it in formation.

                  As for the A320, two chances ...


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                    Yeah, have been noticing that alllright - the PC9's make an unusual sound - muted whistly sorta noise.


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                      Hey i was just out there checking for them, they are gone now, that is assuming by "the green" that you mean St Stephens Green?!
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                        The National Day of Commemoration is Sunday, rehearsals for it were on today, possibly a link, I'd say.


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                          Yeah, they're gone now though. The Dauphin was faced NW, with the three ship formation making passes from the west and banking round over the southside.

                          This is the second time this has happened recently, there was a single Pc-9 and Dauphin over the D8/Phoenix Park area last Monday too.

                          EDIT: Sorry thanks YJ, I was asking around work and no one could think of what they were practising for.
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                            "Given that the DF have a worldwide peacekeeping commitment does the GOC see a viable role there? "In military terms it has to be. Speaking as GOC of the AC I would say that wouldn't I? But if we are so far spread out maybe we need an aircraft like an Airbus A320 and don't need something small like a Herc or a C.27.""


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                              There was a Dauphin over Naas today, specifically; circling the park beside my house at low level. This was around 12:15pm. He did about 6 circuits, fairly low and very tight turning.

                              The PC-9's have been mentioned on a few other messageboards I'm on today. Initially mistaken for helicopters