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  • Questions About the Air Corps

    I am very interesting in joining the Air Corps as a pilot. At the minute I am in my final year of an engineering degree in England and have a JAR PPL. I have a few questions regarding the air corps;

    I can't speak a word of Irish, is this a problem?

    What would a typical day in the Air Corps as a pilot flying fixed wing be like?

    Would you advise a graduate with a good degree to join the Air Corps?

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    I'm no expert but i shouldnt think that Irish should be an issue. Are you an Irish citizen?

    I cant really tell you what a typical day would be like. I have applied to become a pilot in the Air Corps this year (just had an interview on tuesday).

    I also have a PPL but it doesnt make it a great deal easier to be accepted - it just helps during the interviews with the flight questions and it would help a great deal at the biginning of training if you did get accepted.

    I dont know about the degree part. If your true passion is for military avation then sure , go for it. - but if you not too pushed and that degree could bring you in more money in another career that you would be equally happy in then there you go.

    Hope i've been some help to ya.


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      Yes I am an Irish citizen but born in Derry and so never had a chance to learn Irish in school, did German instead.

      I am very interested in joining the air corps and military aviation in general. I don't even mind being a soldier first pilot second.


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        Probably a touchy subject "up there" but your better off joining the RAF if you want to fly something decent
        You're even dumber than I tell people

        You might have been infected but you never were a bore


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          like me :D
          the only advantage of irish is that you get an extra 6% in the interview process if you do it in irish, or you can pick up that extra 6 by being a member of the defence forces previosly. (either permanent or reserve).

          all the orders are given in irish but you pick that up very easily!!!

          after spending some time in England did you ever consider the RAF?? (just a thought)


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            hey i mentioned the RAF before i saw what you had posed, AL.
            (just thought i'd say that)


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              In fact I was in one of the RAF university air squadrons for one year during university. It was always a tie between the raf and the air corps and I decided on going to university and trying to join the best UAS in the RAF. I got in and trained as a pilot and was about to get sponsorship having passed all their tests for aircrew. In the end I decided that coming from Derry and being in the raf was not such a good idea:-patriot: :-patriot:


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                It would be much worse if ye went off and joined the Paras...:-patriot:

                Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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                  what type of ppl do ya have? what aircraft are you qualified for?


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                    I have the ordinary JAR PPL for fixed wing light aircraft- Gunner Al

                    If there are some classes in Irish can you not take classes to improve your Irish. Or is it just a question of sitting down for a few months and learing the lanuage to some sort of standard.

                    Could some one out there please tell me what a typical day in the air corps is like flying anything fixed wing. E-mail me if you like.

                    Thanks FJ driver


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                      im tellin ya, you shouldnt worry about the irish, the only irish you'll come accross is the orders and you'll pick them up in no time. there is honestly no need for irish classes!! :flagwave: