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EV-55 Utility/Training Aircraft

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  • EV-55 Utility/Training Aircraft

    Check out this link as a candidate aircraft for the Fixed Wing Utility/Training Aircraft requirment.

    Requirement is for two aircraft to replace the B200 and most of the C-172's, with a few of the latter retained to provide pre-wings course initial pilot screening and for general light utility. Tasks include post-wings course fixed wing multi-engine advanced training, general utility and MATS supplemental missions in Ireland, the UK and elsewhere in Europe.

    Other candidates include:

    * Polish M-28 Skytuck - too slow in my view, and not anything like the advanced technology of the EV-55

    * 1-2 late model, but still second-hand, low time B200 or B350

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    Hi there
    They definitely shouldn't buy something that has no pedigree and hasn't even been built yet! They should get a couple of new C-90s for the ME training. If it's good enough for the USN.... If they retain some 172s for screening,it's only to do what they should have been doing for the last decade. If they want a direct MATS replacement for the King Air,buy a 350.


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      Pretty much agree with you Canner. The EV-55 has potential but we won't know for sure for at least five years. The most economical and practial solution is obtaining another B200 or a B350 for multi-engine advanced training, general utility and MATS supplemental. Relatively inexpensive to obtain and operate and very efficient aircraft. A single aircraft could probably do the job with some creative scheduling. If a dedicated multi-engine training training platform was required, late model second hand C90's with low hours are readily available on the market.


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        Beech Kingair/Cessna C172 Replacement

        I Recall hearing several years ago (I think from the White Paper on the Air Corp) that A Casa Cn235 should be considered for replacement of the Kingair which I think the Air Corp dubbed ''Fitzie'' or something similiar for use in cadet advanced training etc.... Is this more likely to happen then the purchase of another B200/B350 or The new B1900D which has been trialed by the Air Corp several years ago??? And with regards to the UV-55 replacing the Cessna would it be more likely to be an Pilatrus PC-12M or Defender 4000 or Cessna Caravan??
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