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  • Contracting out maintenance...

    Senator Craughwell and PDFORRA have apparently joined forces to talk bollocks abut civvy contracts on AC equipment, having failed to notice that civilian contracts to maintain Service equipment has existed basically, since the invention of the aeroplane. Big grown up Militaries have been using civvy contractors in both peacetime and wartime and quite frankly, couldnt function without them. is this really the best that PDFORRA can do for it's membership?

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    Facts were never the Senators strong points. He prefers opinions of whoever happens to be in his ear at the time.

    the PDFORRA comments are taken out of context though, and added in to the senator's ramblings, and the comments of a recently retired tech, as if all are speaking together.
    For now, everything hangs on implementation of the CoDF report.


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      Craughwell would do well to have his Twitter account disconnected. He seems to just hoover up whatever tripe is on his feed