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Hoax Pic of HH-60G with Shark

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  • Hoax Pic of HH-60G with Shark

    I dont know if this is old news or not cause i just read it today but does anyone remember that pic that was going around last year with the USAF HH-60G Pave Hawk heli and the great white shark jumping up at it right beside the Golden Gate bridge?

    It was quite obviously a phony but here are the original pictures in case people havent seen them yet.

    (If this is old news im sorry)
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    Yeah big guy it's old news alright still a funny picture though and it's still making it's way around on the net:flagwave:


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      That explains what looked wrong...

      I knew it was an MH-60 from the 129th ARW out of Moffet Field, but I was racking my brain trying to figure out what angle the camera was looking at the bridge from. The background indicates it's looking East towards the mainland, but the big hill is Marin Headland-style, not Presidio. Marin -should- be to the left as you look at the picture, and indeed in the original it is.

      They flipped it, the bastards..

      Driver, tracks, troops.... Drive and adjust!!