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  • Dont Bite At Me For This

    Ok dont bite at me but is it safe to say that the Air Corps is near extinction even though the pc-9m's are on the way

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    Yeah I'd say it looks that way, but if people really care that little about defence do they don't deserve to be defended.
    "It is a general popular error to imagine that loudest complainers for the public to be the most anxious for it's welfare" Edmund Burke


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      why do you say that? And are they not trying to regain their full SAR role? ...


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        As important as the SAR role is, it isn't a defensive or expeditionable role
        therefore when the DOF decides to pull the plug the role is easily transferable to a civilian coastguard organisation
        "It is a general popular error to imagine that loudest complainers for the public to be the most anxious for it's welfare" Edmund Burke


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          I would say the future does indeed look bleak for the future of the Aer Corps. SAR coverage has been civilianised and they can do it cheaper than the Aer Corp could ever hope to achieve, and at the end of the day that's what this government is looking for return from a small investment. Other than MATS their is little else the Aer Corp will be able to provide in the next few years other than training pilots for Aer Lingus and Ryanair.

          There is no will within the government or the general public to invest in a real defence policy, even just the ability to defend ourselves, let alone fight a war.


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            and what about its role with the UN? Does it even have one?

            Ive got my interview for a pilot cadetship tomorrow btw...:confused:

            and is there anything that could save it? or is it too far down the "slippery slope"?


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              I does not have a UN role. What the UN usually requires is Transport of men and materials and also airlift capabilty, food drops and disaster response tec. and the Air Corp cannot provide any of this in its current state.

              But there you go FireFoxDown if they ask you have you any questions at the end of your interview and you are looking for something interesting to ask how about asking them "What are the main problems facing the Aer Corp at this present time?"

              Although then again you could be there for a few hours if they give you an honest response !

              Best of Luck


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                hehe! thanks for wishing me luck!

                to be honest i am trying to think of something good to say when they go "Ok, that's about - any questions?" - im trying to think of a good question that will stick in their mind! Not sure thats it...but, you never know - if i ask that ill let you know their response!


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                  It looks to kost that the Aer Corps is on its last legs thanks to years of gross under funding. Its sad that the people who risk their lives flying our ancient fleet are threated like that.
                  Only the dead have seen the end of war - Plato

                  "Where there is no guidance the people fall, but in abundance of counselors there is victory" Proverbs 11-14


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                    Yes, the AC is at a low point (equipment wise) but I believe that this will improve over the next few years.

                    I believe the medium lift heli contract will be re-activated over the next year or so and, when these helis are in place, it will give the AC a troop transport capability and a continuning place in SAR missions (initially retaining the North west sector then regaining countrywide control of SAR).

                    The next aircraft to be replaced will be the Alouettes/Dauphins/Gazelle, probably with EC-135's, followed by Cessna replacements (e.g. PBN Islander's).

                    Down the line we will see Combat jets purchased.

                    The more we get involved in the RRF, for example, the more the need for a well equipped Air Corps will be realised at govt level.

                    IRISH AIR CORPS - Serving the Nation.


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                      I really want to believe you silver, I really do but every gov seems less interested than the other. They are more interested in MATS.
                      Only the dead have seen the end of war - Plato

                      "Where there is no guidance the people fall, but in abundance of counselors there is victory" Proverbs 11-14


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                        Yeah Silver i really want to believe you aswell and to be honest MATS should really be MAT and it should really stand for MILITARY AIR TRANSPORT not MINISTERIAL AIR TRANSPORT SERVICE,

                        CORRUPTUS IN EXTREMIS as Diamond Joe "Bertie Ahern" Quimby's emblem in the simpsons says ha ha

                        To be fair though we dont really need MATS for any reason because it isnt as if we are a world power or anything..why cant Bertie just use Aer Lingus?

                        God Tony Blair uses British Airways, he has no Govt Jet so why should we? He has no qualms or looks of annoyance on his face when he gets off a British Airways Aircraft, he did it last week for crying out loud.

                        The only thing they really have is the BAe 146 which is used and more commonly known as the "Royal Flight" and that is for the Royals not for Tony i do believe.

                        MATS IS A JOKE

                        MAT IS A JOB.:flagwave:


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                          Guys, just a little headsup...

                          i had my interview yesterday and at the end asked about the future of the SAR role in the Air Corps...i was told "excuse the pun, but it's up in the air at the moment"...i laughed, they didnt... he then went on to say that they are currently training a number of personnel on the S61(?? now, i may not have that 100% correct) out of Shannon...i think he said with a civilian contractor...

                          Anyway - thats the info i got, not really sure what it means exactly but they do seem to want to regain their SAR role...

                          Regards all,


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                            Token gesture by Government to the Aer Corp. I guess this is the crew that are to be based in Sligo on the leased S61 from CHCI. Crew have already undergone training abroad and are now carrying out flying time to familarise themselves with operating the S61 on the west/north coastline.

                            The problem with the Aer Corp trying to gain the lead SAR role again is the fact that the Civilian operators can do it at a fraction and i mean a fraction of the cost that the Aer Corp could ever do it. It has happened in the UK, athough they do also have an impressive military SAR coverage to back it up. Maybe the Aer Corp might get into providing "Top Cover" for the Civilian Helo's here. Although that would also mean considerable investment in new expensive aircraft.

                            Aer Corp future lead players in SAR: unlikely unless the government has a major rethink on defence spending in all three Wings.........

                            It's a pity it has to be this way after all the Aer Corp provide us with a vital service for a number of years here with Helo's preforming outside their limits on numerous occasions and with a serious lack of funding and procurement of new assets. Single engine Helo's operating off the western seaboard......crazy or what !!


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                              Also remember that these Civilian Pilots are the "cream of the crop" as regards pilots and crew. Almost 80% being ex-military so they are totally dedicated and committed to what they are trained to do. They are also supported in this by the most modern SAR equipment and technolghy available. I had the privledge of getting winched up from a lifeboat into the S61 out of Dublin Airport and being dropped back down after a spin around Dublin Bay and the weather was S*=t on that day a large swell and they were first class !! Great buzz...
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