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Fouga Colour.

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  • Fouga Colour.

    Daft question, but I can't seem to tell from photos.

    Were the Fougas painted in grey, silver, or were they left natural metal?

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    Unfortually Franks site doesn't seem to be working right at the minute, not sure what the official description of the colour is, but they seemed to be a silvery grey, it gave a fairly reflective finish.


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      Natural metal..look at the difference in panel colours...up close its obvious..i assuem this is for a model..the inside of the ondercarriage bay s is a light tan or beige if ist the airfix model ..remove all the rivet soverscale....on the heller model use the big tanks..and the colour is dayglo red under coated with white...on the older ones it fades to orange.....
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        Hi HPT
        Go back and look at Frank's site. They were not bare aluminium. The "dayglo" was never meant to be red, just proper International Orange. The Paint Shop were,eh, inaccurate on many aspects of painting.Remember the Cessna with the wrong underwing marks? It wore them for years.


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          It might never have meant to be red...but it was..towrds the final years it was'nt even dayglo...jut red. I was always under the imptession the aluminum clour was a natural finish as it caried between panels acces hatches etc...maybe its just the way ir faded over time...I've seen better photos than franks by a guy called PatricK J Cummins...he has submitted a few articals to Scale Aircrat models over the years.
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            They are painted silver/grey the AC donated one to DIT Bolton street around a year ago and we have its sitting in are little hangar.
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              Shed more like!
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