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Cadetship 2006

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  • Cadetship 2006


    I'm applying for a cadetship this coming year(2006). I've gone to endless lengths trying to find advice, info etc and have done pretty much everything in my power to improve my chances of acceptance as i've wanted to fly with the AC from the age of about 10.

    Has anyone got any advice/info to give me? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Cheers for reading!

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    Other good advice is watch what you say on public internet forums.


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      canvasing will disqualify
      What are you cackling at, fatty? Too much pie, that's your problem.


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        Originally posted by Odin_ie
        canvasing will disqualify
        exactly..just be yourself
        Cheers Bernard......


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          1.Try and get a mock interview with an Air Corp Officer or organise a visit to the Don,
          2.Organise a visit to the Baldonnel
          3.Learn the current and past aircraft that are/have served the Air Corps ( Know Charistic about them e.g Pilatus PC-9M purpose of aircraft,speed,weapons etc..)
          4.Research the role of a cadet and there what cadet training involves
          5.Like AFDL said you should be yourself and answer the boards questions to the best of your abilities.
          And Good Luck With The This Competion
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            Make sure you fit into the plane.
            check out this link to make sure you fit the measurements for the planes.
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              Participate (try to led) in sports, social and community activities. Try to get practical flight experience (take a few lessons).


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                Do a search for cadetships to find what was said about previous competitions.
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