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Why would the IAC need fighters?

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    you would never see any major power completely relying on civil contractors for all their airlift capabilities. we should be no different. at least with the CN 235's and the various craft used for ministerial transport, with some modifications, they have an airlift capability.

    the other thing with air forces using civil contractors is that these flights are usually scheduled and pre-planned in advance. a perfect example of these is irish troops going overseas every 6 months. at least military aircraft can be used for roles at short notice and generally are available at short notice.
    transport has always been a "military" role for air forces all over the world. some military roles aren't as glamorous as fighters, battlefield helis, etc. but nevertheless are still military roles.
    XRAYONE: Your spouting shite left right and centre.

    Many 'powers' use civil aircraft to carry troops. Why? Because they dont have enough planes to do it themselves and its cheaper that way. Read devs post (Under the Civil Reserve Air Fleet, during a major conflict, 28 percent of the cargo and 95 percent of the passengers airlifted would be flown on commercial aircraft. )

    As for the Irish troops thing... Go do some reading on the tenders website: they send out tenders for that transport...They dont wait until some company plans a flight (dont believe me? And civilian airlines rent out planes on short notice ALL THE TIME. Its a regular thing.

    We dont need a big bleedin airline. The USAF even relies on civilian airliners.....Jesus man.