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  • Dauphin helicopters

    I am very much a layman here, but I've been interested in the DF since I was a kid. I always liked the Dauphin, I thought they looked 'cool' However anything I ever read about them suggested they were an excellent machine and I recall that when I visited Baldonnel years ago the lads there seemed to have a high opinion of the Dauphin.

    However I've seen quite a few negative references to the Dauphin on this site over the last year or so and see they have now been retired, it is also my understanding that they were not used on the Eithne for years.

    So obviously there was some problem, could someone give me a little background on what went wrong?


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    The ones that were on Eithne havent been so for nine or so years.
    When they were on Eithne they were even a problem. (fires etc)
    Theres a thread in the Air Corp section that says that a few of the fleet have been non-operational for some time. Im certainly no expert on the matter but maybe the problem was that they were over-used or just fell into neglect.


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      Do a search in this forum, it's all been said before.
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        Baywatch video. Thats all i'l say.
        click here
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          Indeed it is there
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