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The Salthill Airshow

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  • The Salthill Airshow

    Anyone know If there are any airshows taking place in Salthill, Abbeyshrule or Baldonnell this summer?

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    Frank will be able to tell you more about this years event at Salthill.
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      July 6th for the Salthill airshow.

      Anyone know if the Army will have a display stand there like last year.
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        The UL Aeronautical Society in conjunction with the EAA are organising a general aviation air show in the Limerick Racecourse. This will be held in September 2003. With this year being the centenary of flight I would expect a number of events to be held through out the year!
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          Salthill Air Show 2003

          Hi Guys,

          Just to let you all know, the Salthill Air Show is being held this year on Sunday 6th July.

          As for who is coming to the show visit the website for the latest information:

          Anything coming to this year's show will be marked with "Confirmed", but there is no word on the Army display as of yet.



          P.S. Thanks for using my Marchetti picture in the first post!
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            No probs Frank-its a good pic.


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              what about in baldonnel?

              When will the next airshow be happening in casement?


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                The Salthill Airshow

                Just wondering will amny of you guys be going to this years Salthill Airshow on the 6th of July?

                Already alot has been confirmed inculding the Red Arrows and a RAF Nimrod..Need i say anymore?

                Their Website look very very good indeed guys, have a look



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                  I'm definatally going - I have been to one in years!!!


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                    I'm going as well! Should be a good show.


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                      Am going to Killkee the day before, don't think I can persuade Mrs Turkey and 3 little Turkeys to travel up to Salthill, will try thou', watch out for wine coloured Cordoba and/or 1m71cm slightly overweight git with big old Nikon FE-2:D :D :flagwave:
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                        i'll be going if i can get the time off work....and probably even if i dont! :D

                        i was there last year and Frank and the rest of the team did a great job! It was spectacular!!