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  • CASA for USCG

    I see in some of the Aircraft Magazines that the First EADS CASA rolled off the production line for the USCG, with delivery of first 3 of 36 of the type due in spring 2007.

    A Good ad for our own CASAs, which are currently being upgraded.

    Can anyone repost the details of the CASA Upgrade?

    Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.

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    The Spanish built CN-235MP Persuader in service with the Irish Air Corps. The aircraft is powered by two GE CT&-9C3 turboprop engines, each developing 1,305kW.

    The CN-235MP has been ordered by the Turkish Navy and Coastguard.

    Over 230 of all versions of CN-235 are in service and have accumulated more than 500,000 flight hours. The aircraft has been developed by CASA EADS in Spain and Dirgantra in Indonesia, with different mission system fits.

    The cockpit of the CN235MP.
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      My 1/72 kit of the CASA just arrived. I have to figure out now just what shade of grey is correct.

      It's a vacform though, so it's probably not going to be built for quite a while. Much on the assembly line ahead of it.

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        Thanks for the details LJJ but I was more interested in the UPGRADE.

        Source: EADS CASA

        (Madrid, February 8, 2006) -- EADS CASA has signed with the Irish MOD a 12.5 million euro contract to modernise the two (2) CN-235 maritime patrol aircraft that the Irish Air Corps operates since 1994.

        These aircraft have been assigned the surveillance of the Irish Economic Exclusive Zone (EEZ) and support operations from the armed forces, police, naval service, etc. These duties require, permanently, the availability of modern and capable resources. For this reason, the Irish Government has decided to replace the present equipment with the sophisticated mission system FITS (Fully Integrated Tactical System) developed by EADS CASA.

        The FITS is a system entirely developed by EADS CASA that provides the crew, through a number of different sensors (search radar, infrared sensor, TV,etc.), with all the information required for the success of the mission, from maritime (drug trafficking control, illegal immigration, sea rescue, etc.) to antisubmarine warfare.

        The Irish Air Corps CN-235s lead the ranking of flight hours per aircraft per year of the entire CN-235 fleet in the world. The first modernised aircraft will be delivered in 2007.

        Francisco Fernndez S inz, President of EADS CASA, has declared: We are very proud of the Irish Air Corps relaying on us because it shows that our main objective of customer satisfaction has been reached

        EADS is a global leader in aerospace, defence and related services. In 2004, EADS generated revenues of 31.8 billion and employed a workforce of about 110,000. The EADS Group includes the aircraft manufacturer Airbus, the world's largest helicopter supplier Eurocopter and the joint venture MBDA, the leading international missile producer in the global market. EADS is the major partner in the Eurofighter consortium, is the prime contractor for the Ariane launcher, develops the A400M military transport aircraft and is the largest industrial partner for the European satellite navigation system Galileo.

        Media Contact:
        Eduardo Galicia
        91 585 7789
        and the FITS...

        The Fully Integrated Tactical System (FITS) is the result of EADS CASA experience and success in mission systems for Maritime Patrol activities, such as Antisubmarine Warfare (ASW), Antisurface Warfare (ASuW), Exclusive Economic Zone control (EEZ), Search and Rescue (SAR). Since 1991 CASA has steadily progressed in the definition and development of Integrated Mission Systems, through a succession of company-funded technology demonstration programs and customer version developments.

        FITS is the basic core of the EADS CASA mission system, made up of a variable number of universal and reconfigurable Operator Consoles, interfaced with two redundant tactical processors, through a Local Area Network (LAN). The CASA FITS integrates the data coming from a suite of sensors specifically adapted to the maritime patrol mission in aerial platforms, ranging from the EADS CASA C-212, EADS CASA CN-235 and EADS CASA C-295 to helicopters or larger aircraft such as the P-3.
        This novel and innovative tactical system facilitates a major reduction in the mission operators workload by helping to control and exploit the data flow from tactical sensors, on-board navigation sources, peripheral devices and tactical data links (LINK-11 and LINK-16) with the C3 centres and co-operative units. The multi-sensors data fusion provides the mission crew with a significantly improved tracking capability and situational awareness.
        The number of the FITS Operator Workstations depends on the assigned mission role. The stations are fully interchangeable and reconfigurable as the mission progresses, providing a remarkable level of flexibility, since they allow an individual role assignment to every post depending on mission requirements and operator's skills and, in case one console becomes inoperative, the remaining active stations immediately assume the faulty console's role in addition to its assigned duties.
        The system hardware is based on COTS components, both for the Workstations/Mission Consoles and for the Tactical Processors, together with display and control devices, high resolution AM LCD displays, control touch-panels, trackball and standard keyboards.
        CASA FITS Mission System has been designed under an Open System Architecture (OSA). This solution with the utilisation of standard COTS software packages, allows the implementation of the new and ongoing technical advances of the computer industry.
        The EADS CASA C-295 MP/ASW Demonstrator aircraft has been flying with FITS since early 2001 with a fully integrated range of sensors.
        The Spanish Air Force awarded, in late 2000, EADS CASA a contract for the upgrade of five P-3Bs with the FITS and a complete set of new sensors and equipment.
        Further information
        CASA C-295 PERSUADER
        Additionally, the United Arab Emirates Naval Forces selected EADS CASA to supply four C-295 MP/ASW aircraft fitted with the FITS to carry out missions of maritime patrol.

        A typical example of a EADS CASA C-295 PERSUADER Mission System for MPA/ASW/ASuW mission calls for the integration of the following sensors and subsystems:

        ISAR/SAR Search radar
        IFF interrogator
        Acoustic subsystem
        LINK-11 Data Link
        Four Tactical Consoles (TACCO), Acoustic Sensor Operator (ASO), Non-Acoustic Sensor Operator (NASO) and Nav/Com.
        Cockpit Display Unit.

        Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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          CHC Renews Irish SAR Contract Through 2010 with Six S-61s
          (Source: CHC Helicopter Corp.; issued May 12, 2006)

          Vancouver, B.C., Canada --- CHC Helicopter Corporation announced today the awarding of a contract renewal by the Irish Minister for Transport for the continued provision of marine Search and Rescue (SAR) services in Ireland from July 2007 to July 2010, with the Minister having options for extensions of up to three additional years.

          The contract award covers the provision of services from bases at Dublin, Waterford, Shannon and Sligo. The service will be provided through CHC's wholly-owned subsidiary, CHC Ireland, utilizing a fleet of six Sikorsky S61N aircraft, featuring upgraded SAR equipment for the contract renewal. The contract is anticipated to generate revenue of approximately CDN $74 million (EUR 53 million) over the fixed three-year term.

          CHC Helicopter Corporation is the world's largest provider of helicopter services to the global offshore oil and gas industry, with aircraft operating in more than 30 countries around the world.


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            53 million Euro for the SAR contract.

            its a pity the government didn't spend that money on the air corps to allow them a proper SAR capability. instead they flitter the money away to a private company, run down the air corps capabilities and effectively lose a massive amount of SAR expertise through personnel not carrying out SAR duties and leaving to join the private companies.
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              Originally posted by X-RayOne
              53 million Euro for the SAR contract.

              its a pity the government didn't spend that money on the air corps to allow them a proper SAR capability. instead they flitter the money away to a private company, run down the air corps capabilities and effectively lose a massive amount of SAR expertise through personnel not carrying out SAR duties and leaving to join the private companies.

              Yawn,yawn,yawn,been here before,this has been floged to death,whatever.


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                Could the A/C provide an equivalent service for 53million all things considered?

                It seems since SAR went away, the A/C is able to provide decent support for army work - helicopters now being available more frequently and in greater quantities for training.