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  • Baldonnel Tours!

    Is there anyway to get a look around Baldonnel, like a guided tour or something? Or is it all classified!
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    ring and ask!


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      I had a whole week in the Don about 3 years ago on work experience, pretty class, I explored all the Aircraft, got to sit in Bertie's seat on the GIV, I was briefed on the CASA, Fouga, Duphin, Allouette, Marchetti and Gazelles. Also got into all of them, and explored one of the hangars where there is a Rolls Royce Spitfire Engine, a chipmunk, and an Avro-anson.
      Also had a go on the water Cannon on one of the Air Corps fire engines.


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        It helps a lot if you know someone in the DF. I know a Commandant in the Army well and he was able to arrange a VIP tour around for me. It involoved the whole works - GV Gardai all da helis and the Marchettis. Great day, worth the trip if you can arrange it. Also had great chat with the cadet class who weren't flying at the time.


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          I was there a few years back just went up to the gate and asked to have a look around. My father had his garda id with him so they sent us up to the GASU people. They showed us around as much as they could didn't get to have a close look at the helos cept for the grda ones couse it was only a few days after the Dauphin crashed in Waterford so we thought it might be a bit inapproprate. I was actually on a weeks holiday in Mosney at the time so we went to Gormanstown as well. I must say they were very very helpful. They got a mechanic to show us around let us sit n the planes, take a few fotos, answered all the questions etc. Even got to sit in the Chipmunk they have preserved there. nice plane:-patriot:
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