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Fire breaks out on Air Corps jet with minister on board

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    well was there a follow up to what was the actual cause of the fire after???...leaky/burst pipes??

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  • hptmurphy
    Nope it never was...always a MATS aeroplane..that swhy its till in service. The others were retired well before the end of their potential lives becuse of prolonged exposure to a salt air envoirnment. They were approved fr refit and further use after the AC were finished with them...but not in the type of role they had served in.

    And to be honest the time spent on maritime surveillence by the other two was negligible...the great point to the Be200 ( don't argue with the designation..4 letter code is actually BE20)..was watching them racing in reverse across the apron..until some muppet stood on the brakes and they ended up on their arse.

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  • DeV
    240 was used for maritime patrol for a short period.

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  • Goldie fish
    Originally posted by Odin_ie
    Again from

    The seven-seater was originally used for patrolling coastal waters to monitor breaches of fishing regulations.
    No it wasn't.

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  • ODIN
    Again from

    The Air Corps was today praised for its quick action after a small fire broke out on a Government aircraft carrying Foreign Affairs Minister Dermot Ahern.

    Mr Ahern had just left Cork Airport on the 30-year-old Beechcraft plane last night when one of his officials noticed flames flickering from a panel beside a window.

    A member of crew moved the official to another seat and the Air Corps crew on board decided to return to Cork Airport where it was met by several fire crews on standby on the runway.

    The minister and other passengers were brought to the airport lounge and were later transferred to Dublin by the Gulf Stream Jet at around 1am.

    A spokesman for Mr Ahern said today: “We can confirm there was an incident on board a ministerial air transport plane about seven minutes after departing Cork on its return flight to Dublin on Monday evening about 9.45pm.

    “Smoke and fumes were noticed emanating from a panel beside a window followed by a very short flicker of flame.

    “The incident was immediately dealt with professionally by the captain, co-pilot and a crew member, and the plane returned safely to Cork Airport where Minister Dermot Ahern and three officials disembarked.
    “The minister would like to thank the Air Corps crew for their professionalism and swift action and the Duty Manager and Fire Crew at Cork Airport for their prompt assistance.”

    Mr Ahern was in Cork to attend a ceremony marking the one-millionth passport issued from Cork Passport Office.

    He later addressed a public meeting on illegal immigrants at the Silver Springs Hotel.

    Mr Ahern is believed to be a confident flyer and has clocked up thousands of air miles in his job, especially as a European envoy for UN secretary general Kofi Annan last year.

    The delegation on board last night’s flight included Foreign Affairs Department secretary general Dermot Gallagher and two senior ministerial advisors.

    The US-built Beechcraft plane is the Government’s third official aircraft and is usually used for short-haul trips to London or around the country.

    The seven-seater was originally used for patrolling coastal waters to monitor breaches of fishing regulations.

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  • Fire breaks out on Air Corps jet with minister on board


    An Air Corps jet carrying Foreign Affairs Minister Dermot Ahern was forced to make an emergency landing at Cork Airport last night after a fire broke out on board.

    Mr Ahern's department confirmed today that the aircraft had only just taken off with the minister and a number of his officials on board when smoke and flames were spotted under a window.

    The Beechcraft plane returned to Cork Airport, where it made an emergency landing.

    Mr Ahern and his officials travelled to Dublin early this morning on another aircraft and the cause of the fire is now being investigated by technicians from the Department of Defence.