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  • Fly-Zones

    Not exactly an Air-Corps question, but I'm hoping someone here might be able to help.

    Every Saturday - without fail - some fceckin eejit in a privately owned helicopter passes by our house. Flying at ridicously low heights.

    He passed by 5 minutes ago - low enough to nearly touch off the tops of the trees (or low enough for us to clearly see the pilots face).

    Now, what law is he breaking here - we have an idea who owns the helicopter.
    He is flying over a residential area - so he must be breaking some laws.

    edit: Should we tape him flying by next time around ?
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    These are the people totalk to about aviation safety concerns.

    Aviation House, Hawkins St., Dublin 2 Tel: 00 353 1 6718 655 Fax: 00 353 1 679 2934 Email:

    There are Air Navigation laws that apply to how aircraft are flown. the IAA enforces them.


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      Might do no harm to video him, try to get the reg as well.
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        Hi Sharp-shooter,
        No aircraft may come within 500 feet of a person, vessel, vehicle or structure, except where it is engaged in taking off or landing. No aircraft may overfly an assembly of persons or a built-up area unless it can glide away from them in the event of a power failure or if has been specifically permitted to do so (airshows,etc). All of the rules about flight are contained in the Statutory Instrument, Rules Of The Air, available from Government Publications, Molesworth Street, Dublin 2. There are some exceptions for helicopters. Do check with the Airworthiness section of the IAA. Tape it flying, as back-up. Go and talk to the pilot and ask him, nicely, to fly higher or away from housing. If he gets shirty, go to the IAA and make a formal complaint in writing.


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          Go find your local AD unit, if he's annoying you that much......

          Seriously, GTTC is spot on..
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