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hijacked aircraft over germany!!!!

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  • hijacked aircraft over germany!!!!

    apparently an armed man has stolen a small aircraft from a private airfield in germany and is circlin frankford(sic) threatening to crash it into the central euro bank?(if such a thing exists, sorry yankee and all) at least 2 german aircraft are up for intercept
    When I breeze into that city, people gonna stoop and bow.
    All them women gonna make me, teach 'em what they don't know how

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    Stolen aircraft.

    Suitation resolved, the pliot is now detained.
    The things people will do when refused a bank loan.:D
    "We will hold out until our last bullet is spent. Could do with some whiskey"
    Radio transmission, siege of Jadotville DR Congo. September 1961.
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      Plane hijacker sparks Frankfurt chaos
      By Mark Thompson FRANKFURT (Reuters) - A man has threatened to crash a stolen light plane into the European Central Bank tower in Frankfurt, forcing German fighter jets to scramble before he finally landed and was arrested. The lone, pistol-wielding pilot told a television station from the aircraft that he wanted to draw attention to astronaut Judith Resnik, who died in the U.S. space shuttle Challenger, which exploded shortly after takeoff in January 1986. Frankfurt airport, continental Europe's busiest, was shut, tall buildings evacuated, roads and bridges closed and military aircraft patrolled the sky as the motorised glider circled for almost two hours before landing at the main airport. The incident was a chilling reminder of the September 11 suicide attacks on the United States, and it took more than half an hour for military jets to appear over Germany's financial capital. But officials were quick to rule out a terrorist link. "I want to make my big idol Judith Resnik famous," said the man, apparently a native German speaker, when talking to n-tv via air traffic control radio frequencies on Sunday. "She deserves more attention, she was the first Jewish astronaut, perhaps that's why she never got proper attention." Officials said they believed the man to be German and deranged. He was not named but addressed as "Steven" during the n-tv interview. Police promised more details later. BANK TOWER TARGETED The man did not say why he targeted the Central Bank, which sets interest rates and manages the euro single currency for over 300 million people in 12 of the 15 European Union nations. At one point his plane was spotted flying close to the 148 metre (486 foot) ECB tower. That would have caused shockwaves in world financial markets had it happened on a working day. A spokesman for air traffic control said the man, armed with a pistol, stole the plane at Babenhausen airfield southeast of Frankfurt at 1:55 p.m. after forcing its pilot to get out at gunpoint. He then took up contact with the Frankfurt airport tower demanding to speak to a television station. Police had sealed off main roads, evacuated the city's trademark tall buildings and closed bridges over the river Main. The plane, followed by a helicopter, circled the towers that have earned the Frankfurt skyline the nickname "Mainhattan". The plane was flying at just a few hundred metres and made one close pass of the Messeturm tower that houses, among others, the Reuters news agency and the offices of Goldman Sachs. Frankfurt airport closed down for about 90 minutes. Some 34 inbound flights were diverted and there were a number of cancellations, a spokesman for the airport said. The sight of an unauthorised plane flying among Frankfurt's skyscrapers conjured up frightening images that recalled the September 11, 2001 attacks, when two hijacked airliners struck New York's twin World Trade Centre towers. A third hit the Pentagon near Washington and a fourth hijacked plane crashed in Pennsylvania. About 3,000 people were killed. Exactly a year ago, on January 5, 2002, a 15-year-old student pilot, Charles Bishop, flew a stolen single-engined Cessna into the 20th floor of the Bank of America building in Tampa, Florida, killing himself and slightly damaging the tower. On April 18 last year, a small Piper aircraft crashed into the 127-metre Pirelli skyscraper in Milan setting the top floors of the 30-storey block on fire. The pilot and two others died. Mathias Rust, a West German teenager, landed a Cessna aircraft on Moscow's Red Square in 1987 in what he called a "personal peace mission" during the Cold War. He spent more than a year in jail in the Soviet Union before being returned home.


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        what is it with people flying planes into buildings these days?????:confused: :confused:


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          well i suppose u'll only be able to do it once