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new planes for the air corps ??

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  • new planes for the air corps ??
    Aircraft offer to Air Corps


    A CZECH/Taiwanese utility aircraft has been offered to the Irish Air Corps to replace part of its elderly fleet as officers prepare to visit one of the world's premier air shows.

    An Irish Air Corps delegation is to travel to the Farnborough Air Show - where $21bn worth of aircraft orders are to be placed by the world's airlines and air forces - to view possible replacements for its fleet as part of the Defence Forces extensive re-equipment programme.

    Although new aircraft and helicopters are being delivered after orders worth €120m were placed by the Department of Defence, the Air Corps still operates decades-old planes and helicopters.

    Among the priority for replacements is the fleet of half a dozen Cessna 172 utility planes which are used for cash, explosive, and prisoner escorts, parachute training, and monitoring of wildlife.

    Among those offered to the Air Corps as replacements is the Ibis Aerospace Ae 270, developed by the Czech Republic and Taiwan which is on offer for about $2.2m. It can carry up to nine passengers.

    The Swiss Pilatus PC-12 aircraft which costs around$4m has also been shown to the Air Corps.

    However, no orders have yet been placed by Ireland for new transport aircraft.
    The aircorps could defintely do with them. the Cesena 172 is fit for the bin. No mention of anything else though. They could also do with 2 or 3 C-130 J's.

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    Because they are not pressurised , the Cessana 172's can last almost indefinitly, but this is an intresting development indeed....
    I cannot remember exactly, but I belive the Cessanas arrived from France around 1972
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      A new plane would be very welcome indeed. Although it wont make a huge difference in capability.


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        Both the Ae270 and the PC-12 should be ruled out immediately, the Special Report on the AC says that the Cessna must be replaced by a twin engined aircraft (they recommended the PBM Defender as it is operated by the GASU).


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          the above ( Defender ) makes sense , as commonality of parts, plus familiarity of type make it an easier fit, but as it makes sense it won't happen.
          either, due to engine commonality , and commercial politics, the PC-12 will be picked ( exisiting Pilatus relationship etc.etc.) or AE270 maybe picked 'cos it's cheap, and DeptFinance likes cheap, and DeptDefence likes value for money.
          qtn: if these monies for new equipment comes from savings / closed barracks does that mean DeptFinance has no input? i.e. if the Aer Cor wanted the most capable, and expensive plane, could it buy it and tell Finance to sod off ?


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            Is the Ae 270 even in full production yet? It would make more sense to go with the Pilatus, which is similar, and In service already.

            Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.