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  • SAR in the SouthEast

    So the memory of the four airmen that lost their lives in JULY 1999 is to be forgotten as it is proposed to move the SAR service to Cork from Waterford due to the imminent closure of Waterford Regional Airport due to the Termination of the EuroCeltic airline of its schedule to the UK

    In Defence of Waterford airport.I don't believe EuroCeltics pitch about lack of bums on seats .IT is blatantly obvious that they are looking for public service transport funding as they have from all the other regionals.Waterford is the only airport that dosen't have this status.I was witness to this last August when I visited Carrickfinn in Co.Donegal and saw two Euroceltic F27s sitting on the ramp being paid to go nowhere.

    Okay so now private industry holds the state to ransom by saying that they can no longer operate an airport facility as the airline is skint and if the state doesn't fund the airline and the airport the SAR service will have to move out.But short on the memory banks.(launches blatant attack on Waterford Airport management board) the Airport were found to be contributory negligent in the deaths of the four air men by failing to fund the over time so a proper AirTraffic service could be provided.
    The Manager was an AFISO when had he been much tower time had he had in the last three months ....where were the fire crew required for the stated CAT3 operating standard of the airport.

    The board of management can't put aprice on the service but neither can the country afford to be without an SAR service.Put your cards on the table and stop whining make the ****ing place pay.Yuo've all excelled in your own busness now take the leap of faith and keep the 23 lads in work and you might even help save a few lives along the way.

    Oh by the way don't bother trying to sue me.I spent 6 years in the place and I have a story or two to tell that could prove embarrassing.Gone on dare me?
    Covid 19 is not over's still very real..Hand Hygiene, Social Distancing and Masks.. keep safe