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Air Corps Rescue - Across the Border

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  • Air Corps Rescue - Across the Border

    A 20-year-old man has been airlifted to hospital after being pulled from the sea off Portstewart Harbour in County Londonderry.
    He was flown by Irish Army search and rescue helicopter to Altnagelvin Hospital in Derry with suspected head injuries on Saturday afternoon. The man, who had been swimming, is in a critical condition.

    The helicopter team were already in the area giving a demonstration as part of the Portrush raft race event.

    Wouldn't it be more suited for the Air Corps to have total jurisdiction over the entire island? It makes no sense for prople in Derry and Antrim to wait for a heli from Scotland when in trouble, when a service is available a few miles away in Donegal.

    Anyone agree?

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    Typical. They kick and scream for years to get rid of the brit helicopters,now they want em back. If ye hadnt complained so much ye would still have the wessex in belfast.
    Fail to prepare....prepare to FAIL!


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      They're still here, it was more a case of geographical convenience today. And my case wasn't arguing for any service to be reinstated, just what good would it be for someone who lives 20 miles away in Derry from an Air Corps base to find they have to wait for a SAR chopper from whereever. It's about effective saving of lives.

      As I write a Brit heli flies overhead!


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        It would make sense alright conco, but I doubt the unionists would accept it.

        By the way, did the report actually show the heli involved (was it the S61 or Dauphin) ?
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