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Casa 295 The Persauder Returns To Its Origins

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  • Casa 295 The Persauder Returns To Its Origins

    With all the talk of the IAC future relating to its future procurements and likehood of operating overseas with the EURRF/UNSAS or with on humanitarion mission i taught it would be good to start a thread that informs people of a aircraft that ive been informed holds a great chance of filling the IAC and Army's Expeditionary Force Capability i.e the IAC in a EU/UN perpective would use the likes of the Casa 295 for deploying recce teams and assests to the Area of Operations for reconnaisance work before overseas deployed company/battalion or battlegroup moved in AO as one example but could also preform resupply work (from rations to ammunition or vehicle parts),or large medevac if to much Learjet 45 to cope with.

    And there also be possibility if the IAC were to aquire a more Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) to would be match the IAC new FITS system that the 235s will obtain after they recieve there upgrade next year and will operate on modernised standard system.

    By the way i have added two links about the Casa 235 and 295 which the FITS system. In first link on page 7 of you will see interesting images of vehicles thats can be carried internally by 235 and similiarly by the 295 they inculde landrover 110,nissan patrol and most intrestingly the URO Vamtac which is strongly rumoured is going to be purchased by the DF
    for use in a role similiar to a LATV

    IN the Second link there is a small article which features on page 4 a small article about the IAC and its use of its 235 to date and how the FITS was evaluated by the IAC using the 295.

    Happy Reading.
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    cheers Bm. Nice read.