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    hi hope there is no similar thread to this, but im wondering what is the adress and to whom do you write to for the results of the cadetship competition this year? is it the same for the AC and army?

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    Freedom of Information Officer,
    Defence Forces' Headquarters,
    Parkgate (East),
    Infirmary Rd,
    Dublin 7.
    Phone: (01) 8042758
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      Should that not be "office" rather than "Officer"? I understand FOI inquiries are dealt with by Civilian DF staff.

      Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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        In the phone book the FOI person in all Government Departments is refered to as officer.


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          FOI Address

          DFHQ Parkgate East no longer exists;
          The new address is: Freedom of Information Officer, DHRMS, DFHQ, Colaiste Caoimhin, Mobi Rd, Glasnevin, Dublin 9. You can request a copy of your file and an assessment of your psychometric/group exercise tests by the DF Psychologist. The psychologist will contact you and give a verbal assessment over the phone and the FOI Office will give you the written material. A very user-friendly service I might add.


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            There is a dedicated FOI staff uder the command of he DF's FOI Officer

            a person

            rather than Office

            a place

            they are normaly quite decent, but very busy.
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              thanks a million folks, like the FOI service i am about to use, you are a very user friendly service.


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                Originally posted by squigs View Post
                thanks a million folks, like the FOI service i am about to use, you are a very user friendly service.
                Unless you ask a stupin question or use the acronym "batt" Then you get your ass handed to you . But other than that. A fine friendly service alright?
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