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British Army to get Minimi

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  • British Army to get Minimi

    Keeping the SA80 LSW though.

    British Infantry Gets Firepower Boost

    (Source: UK Ministry of Defence; issued May 28, 2003)

    British infantry units are to be equipped with one of the most effective Light Machine Guns in the world, Defence Procurement Minister, Lord Bach announced today.

    The arrival of the 5.56mm FN Herstal Minimi, a belt-fed weapon, will dramatically boost infantry firepower, complementing the battle-proven SA80 A2 automatic rifle.

    The Minimi has already proved itself in combat with British troops after the weapon was rushed into service as an Urgent Operational Requirement for the Iraq conflict.

    Lord Bach said:

    "The SA80 is an extremely accurate weapon against longer range targets and, in its improved A2 version, has now proved itself in battle in Iraq. But one of the lessons learned from the Kosovo campaign was the need for an additional lightweight weapon that can provide a high rate of suppressing firepower.

    "Punishing trials have been carried out to find the weapon that best suited our infantry - light enough for one man to carry, reliable in all sorts of conditions, yet able to lay down a high rate of fire over sustained periods.

    "The weapon is needed to help our troops win the initial infantry fire fight, to make sure the other side gives way so that our troops can achieve their objectives."

    FN Herstal has been selected as preferred supplier of the new weapon. A contract valued at about £7.5 million is expected to be placed this summer.


    1.The Minimi, already in service with the US, Australian and Canadian military, saw combat service with 7th Armoured Brigade, 3 Commando Brigade and 16 Air Assault Brigade in Iraq.

    2. Weighing only seven kilograms, the one-man-portable belt-fed Minimi can fire 750 rounds a minute - from a standing, kneeling or prone position.

    3. Each four man infantry fire team will be equipped with one SA80 Individual Weapon, one SA80 with under slung grenade launcher, one SA80 Light Support Weapon, capable of high accuracy over long distances, and one Minimi.

    4. An exhaustive series of trials, which saw four rival Light Machine Guns tested in challenging conditions in the UK, the Arizona desert, the jungles of Brunei and in temperatures as low as minus 35 degrees centigrade in Canada identified it as the most suitable weapon available.


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    battle proven SA80?
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      Reports from the recent shindig in Iraq are seemingly very positive towards the L85A2.

      Interestingly the LSW is not being directly replaced. It's being retained to provide long range fire, something it's very good at. It's also mean a British infantry will be carrying a lot of firepower, i.e. 1 LSW, 1 Minimi, 1 Rifle with 40mm launcher per 4 man fireteam. How will this compare to the Irish setup?


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        At least the 40mm and the Minimi will work. The SA 80 is a heap of shite and a revamped heap of shite is still shite. Having two different LMG's in service together is a political decision so that they don't have to admit that the SA 80 is a failure.
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          Most of the BA prefer to have the gpmg as the section fire support because of its fire power. (According to my cousin whos back form the Gulf, in one piece).
          The new version of the SA80 still has is problem but is a whole lot better than the 1st modles. Saw a picture of an SA80 with a 40mm grenade luancher on it. Anyone got a name for it as my cousin nevere even saw it????
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            The Grenade Launcher is the Heckler & Koch AG36.



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              excellent weapon, but they really needed it !!


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                They have rifle grenades as well.
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                  They used to have the MECAR,rifle grenade,but I have noot heard much about it in th elast few years..

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