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  • Begging Again

    Thanks to all the guys who answered my query on Naval badges. Now I'm looking for three (3) more scarce badges for my collection. 1971 issue 24Bn. The one with the hand holding the cross. 1st Grn S&T and 6th Fld. S&T. The last two were almagated to form the Curragh Tpt. Coy. around 1981-82. Al donations gratefully recieved.

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    Three suggestions:

    Flt Sgt Perkins in the Air Corps collects badges. Has a website to display same

    Also, there is a tailor down the East Side of the Curragh Camp (prob the tailor
    for the Mil College), a Cpl, who had an impressive collection when I was last there.

    Also, Central Clothing Stores in McKee has a collection of flashes. Maybe they have
    spares, or would know here to put hands on what you are looking for?
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      Begging again

      Truck Driver; Thanks for the info. Flt.Sgt Perkins is a friend of of mine and he can't get the ones I want.I've been to his house to see his collection and it's amazing.The badges I'm looking for are VERY rare.I think there is only one man who served in the 6th. Field S&T still serving in the army.Didn't know about the tailor in the Curragh. Will also try central stores . Thanks again


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        Looking at the links - Oh how I miss the old badges.
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          begging again

          Originally posted by ZULU View Post
          Looking at the links - Oh how I miss the old badges.
          You don't happen to have any by any chance
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            band of brothers comes to mind there