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Army Fire Service.

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  • Army Fire Service.

    Does the Army have any fire stations / units other than in DFTC?
    Where is Army firefighter training carried out, and who organises it? Are the courses conducted jointly with the Aircorps or Naval Service?

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    As Far as I know the Training is carried out by the Depot Engineers in the Curragh. Not sure about the NS or AirCorps though!.

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      Hey Yellow,
      If you are interested, US Army Fire Service is also run by the Corps of Engineers, though there are also some civilian fire services on some bases. These civvy fire depts are DoD employees, not the local municipality. US Army FF is MOS 51M, one of the hardest enlisted MOS's to get. Lots of clout needed here. Just another piece of useless info for you. Would be interested to hear how the Irish DF run theirs.
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