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Weapon capability architecture within an infantry section

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  • Weapon capability architecture within an infantry section

    With the HBAR vs Minimi thread going in multiple tangents from shooting/marksmanship within the RDF to 5.56 Vs 7.62mm debates, I've created this new thread.

    Firstly to clear some points raised from the HABR vs Minimi thread.

    It is safe to say that the HBAR will never perform as well as a belt feed weapon in the LSW/FSG role. This role will always be best played by a open bolt belt fed weapon.

    Now there are a number of variables on which to discuss the thread title under, which I will do my best to try and outline.

    It is hoped that with peoples discussion specific to these variables, we can come to some conclusions to whether or not a certain mixture of weapons within a section/platoon can be optimum to all likely missions to be faced.

    The variables in my opinion are

    FSG - 5.56 or 7.62mm

    Rifle section: range
    suppresive fire capabilities

    These are only some of the variables that I can think of right now and would welcome reasoned input to extend or shorten this list.

    Lastly - A word of caution. This thread can very easily have people posting specific restricted information applicable to the DF. It is hoped that discussing specific information about weapons is already available within the public domian. Likewise any specific mission requirements be general and based on publicly determinable trends in global confict.
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