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Rangers 3rd in Skills Battle

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  • Rangers 3rd in Skills Battle

    Irish Independent

    Tom Brady

    The crack army force, the Ranger Wing, snatched a bronze medal in Bonn, Germany yesterday at the end of a four-day competition for special units from 41 countries around the world.

    The competition is a test of skills of special police and military units throughout the world and involves physical, mental, marksmanship and tactical skills.

    Their tasks included hostage dramas, obstacle crossing, and water disciplines on the river Rhine.

    The Rangers ended up as the leading military team in the event. They recorded one 3rd, four 4ths and never achieved less than 12th in any of the tests.

    Other competitors included the GEO from Spain, GSG9 from Germany, GOE Portugal, NOCS Italy (2nd), Royal Dutch Marines, and from South Africa, Sweden and the winning team Cobra from Austria.
    The competition has been held every four years since the early 1980s.


    Does anyone know if the SAS, SEALS and Delta Force took part, and if so where they came in the results?

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    he would have mentioned them in the article if they were
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      Well Done

      It would make you proud to be Irish when you see the Rangers doing so well.I reckon other countries would have a far bigger buget than our guys,
      SO WELL DONE THE RANEGER WING>:flagwave: :flagwave: :flagwave: :-patriot: :-patriot: :-patriot: :-patriot: :-patriot:


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        Re: Rangers 3rd in Skills Battle

        Does anyone know if the SAS, SEALS and Delta Force took part, and if so where they came in the results?

        possibly they were engaged in iraq? still well done.


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          well done boys!!:flagwave: :flagwave: :-patriot:
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            Strange that 2rep legion were not there.


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              It looks as if it was an anti-terrorist competition, so the French would be more like likely to send the GIGN. I wonder where they were? Where was GSG9 as well?
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                The "Irish" Mirror had 5 lines in a side column saying The Irish "Range" Wing came third. The muppets could at least have got the name of the unit right!

                A lot of people who don't know what they are talking about might dismiss our soldiers due to the fact that we have a small army and none of the fancy toys that the larger armies have but it's something like this (and also our UN record) which shows that Irish soldiers are amongst the best in the world.


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                  Ang on, was that 3rd overall or third in an event?

                  Still, well done lads. Proof that, much as it helps, money don't buy good skill.

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                    Third overall 1st in certain events,lowest position achieved was 12th.

                    Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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                      Some additioanl info from the Sunday Indo.

                      Rangers win bronze in tough test

                      ELITE soldiers from the secretive Army Ranger Wing have taken third place out of 41 teams in a competition for special forces units from 22 countries, writes Don Lavery.

                      The Rangers, who were competing for only the second year, took the bronze medal in the Combat Team Conference in Bonn, Germany, in the four-day contest which ended on Friday.

                      The highly competitive events have 10 demanding tests involving physical, mental, marksmanship and tactical skills. The competitors had to deal with hostage situations, obstacle crossing, attack dogs and water trials on the river Rhine. The Irish team of six Army Rangers ended up as the leading military team in the event, recording one third place, four fourths and never achieving less than 12th place in any test.


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                        "Leading military team" could only mean that they were beaten by police/gendairme type units.

                        Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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                          2 REP are probabbly busy elsewhere if not sunning themselves in Corsica Eldavido!! of Course they are not Primarily a "Counter Terrorist" unit.

                          Well done to the ARW It seems to have been a more Anti Terrorist role all round in the Competitition and its good to know the lads can hold their own!!

                          Teams Like the Seals Delta Force etc, were formed for SpeciAl OP's were as the 2 REP and were unlikely to compete
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                            What did the tests/events include? and who beat us?
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                              1st Cobra Austria
                              2nd NOCS Italy
                              3rd Ranger Wing Ireland