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    At the moment i'm in college in cork and I've been thinking for a while about joining the reserve, hopefully the cavallery corp, but don't think i'd be able to get the two weeks off during the summer for training because of work.

    is there much point in joining at all in this case :confused: :confused: :confused:

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    Well a lot if not most of your training will be done during those two weeks. So i'm going to have to say no there is not much point.
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      Some units run the full time training through Hallowe'en or easter holidays so you may be able to complete it then. There's one or two cav heads here who can tell you if the Cork squadron do it but if they don't some other unit may.
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        Of course there is a point of joining...good choice of unit 2..pity its in cork tho but with security checks,medicals and all the other paper work it could take 3 months by the time you are in
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          if you can't commit for the recruit camp stage which is run by the brigade and with no imput by the Reserve cav itself...not much point really as this is the qualifier to move on a grade. You miss that and you miss a lot of the grounding to continue.

          If you feel that you still have some thing to offer and maybe able to work around this. check out the 31 reserve cav page will give you contact details for joining..early in september. Be warned with medicals, clearances etc..its takes time although it seems there has been a commitment given to improve on this situation.

          The other side of the coin is you won't allways be in college and next year is still along ways off..Drop by in september have a look see..
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            Have a look at this excellent site: loads of info and contact details.

            Don't get hung up on not being able to do the two weeks next year. Circumstances, studies, work, etc., change over time. You can always do the recruit training the year after.

            The most important attrbute is COMMITMENT. If you demonstrate to your Unit that you are committed, they will appreciate that and be flexible in terms of facilitating you.
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              Originally posted by The Prisoner View Post
              Have a look at this excellent site: loads of info and contact details.
              Hmm, if you go to the site, click on 31 Cav Sqn and then click on D Troop, you get a map of their location. If you zoom in, you will see that they are in Cubins or Plato's. Maybe you should just go along on a Saturday night

              Humour aside, great site.
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                **** it, if the cav is based in cubins i'll definately join.

                I'll definately have a good think again on joining alright and i might stop in on one of the parades to see what its like.

                but i am gonna guess that i ain't the only person who looks at these boards in this situation too.

                thanks for all the advice guys.


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                  Wasn't there some mention a while ago of a map with all RDF units for potential recruits to know where to join.

                  Something like this