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  • Removing rank

    Heres an idea just to kick about. The training in the units should be organised by the Officers and senior ranks. And as i know my self there is usually not a lot being done by the same officers after they all meet at parade. So heres an idea. Numbers are falling people are leaving.....NO TRAINING IS BEING DONE!!! Lets take the rank of officers who are not up to the job! Rplace them with officer who will. That also goes for NCO's as well. I know its a crazy idea but if it was issued then it might scare them into doing something.
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    I believe thats called mutiny.
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      I'm guessing Micky means that the military authorities reduce in rank those personnel who are not performing their jobs correctly, rather than the troops ripping the pips off the shoulders of unpopular officers!

      The concept of reducing peoples rank is fairly radical unless for disciplinary reasons. How about making appointments temporary, say for a year, with the appointee reverting in rank unless set targets are met?


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        On the subject of rank i know this guy who dosnt ware any form of id on his uniform(Rank or name tag) so ppl cant call him out to do stuff-clever basterd


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          Shnig: That's an offence. He could be brought up on charges for that.

          Af for reducing officers in rank,... if it were commonly done, then it would undermine the ranking system. The PO's course is supposed to weed out those unfit for the job.


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            eh but whos gonna charge him for it?