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5 Rounds on Front Line - Press Report

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  • 5 Rounds on Front Line - Press Report

    Some British troops sent to the front line in Iraq were issued with only five rounds of ammunition, soldiers have told visiting MPs.

    James Gray, whose North Wiltshire constituency contains a large number of Army garrisons, said soldiers from the Royal Logistics Corps were given so little ammunition that they pooled it to give those on the front line more

    Full Story Here

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    sounds a bit suspect ...consider that I personally have expended hundreds of rounds this year to date....the recruits firing today expended in excess of sixty rounds apiece...and all this from a ramshackle army....surely the bits do not suffer from ammo shortages.
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      I think it was more down to supply problems than ammo shortages


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        How ironic - a logs unit with supply problems.
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