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Army bomb team explode grenade in Casla

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  • Army bomb team explode grenade in Casla

    June 28, 2003

    (18:28) A controlled explosion, on what has been identified as a training grenade, has been carried out in Casla in Connemara today.

    The grenade, which had been on display in a local pub for some years , was examined by members of an army bomb disposal team this morning.

    They then brought it to an isolated location on the nearby shoreline, where the explosion was carried out.

    The grenade was of a type used by the Irish Army until the 1980's.

    The owner of the pub notified GardaĆ­ about the grenade yesterday, who then called in the army.

    The grenade may have originated from an FCA exercise in the 70's.

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    And yet another one!- todays Indo

    A WOMAN unearthed a War of Independence hand grenade in her back garden - and then proceeded to scrub and polish up the munition so it could be used as a decoration.

    Colombian-born Margot Adair even used a knife to chip away at the rusted casing of the live hand grenade.

    Margot, who lives in Kiskeam, Co Cork with her husband, David, didn't realise how dangerous the object was until she sent pictures to a friend.

    "I was absolutely intrigued with the object I found as it was caked in rock hard, rusted earth making it hard to identify initially," she said.

    However, the friend told her that the object was a hand grenade and that the authorities should be notified.

    The Emergency Ordinance Disposal team found that the 80-year-old munition was still live and potentially lethal.

    The army team rendered it safe but they were astonished at the risks the housewife had run in trying to clean it.

    Now Margot can joke about her experience. "When people hear my story they tell me it is more dangerous living in my home than it is in Colombia," she said.


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      My friend found one when he was cleaning out his grandmothers house, a former RIC barracks, a few weeks ago, it was funny because the Garda at the scene freaked and evacuated some 340 people! the EOD took care of it at Kilworth and reported back it was still live. He said the Army teams involved acted very professionaly (and calmly) and the civillians at the scene were very impressed by them. Well done to the EOD boys, the mad bastards!!!
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        When I was in third class in primary school one of my fellow classmates kindly brought in a live hand grenade to show the teacher!


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          I remember talking to a guy on the Brugha EOD team, who told me that it mad bast*** that designed their EOD suits, lay down beside a pound of Semtex (while wearing the suit) to prove it works, and detonated it

          I'm still not quiet sure whether to believe him or not


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            Wouldn't a pound of plastic explosives turn the average 3 bed semi D into solid filling for a motorway?
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              I heard a similar story from an EOD officer in Finner - the rep selling the EOD suits detonated some explosives beside himself while wearing the suit to prove his confidence in them and that they worked. It wasn't a pound of semtex though!


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                Anyone read the story about the SAS guy who was raving about a new kevlar helmet and tried to get one of the lads to shoot him in the head with a pistol. None of them would and a few weeks later they got a letter asking them what they thought of the plastic mock up of the helmet and the real thing should be available soon....


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                  YJ would probably be the expert here,but I think the destrictive force of explosives is not the actual explosive,but its location and effect on surrounding materials.

                  The blast from plastic explosive,at short range would only become dangerous if the force of the explosion whipped up debris and flung said debris at the person wearing the suit.

                  Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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                    It takes a lot less overpressure/underpressure (which is the main destructive aspect of conventional explosives) to knock down a house than to kill / injure a person. About 0.2 bar will knock a house -it'll take near 1 bar to injure an unprotected person - lung collapse etc.

                    It's not that simple though. Blasts in the open are less destructive than blasts in confined spaces - the shockwave gets reflected around the place by obstructions, which can intensify its effects.

                    Explosion effects are a bloody complicated subject, if I ever get around to doing a masters, it's one of the subjects I have in mind.


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                      Originally posted by DeV
                      I remember talking to a guy on the Brugha EOD team, who told me that it mad bast*** that designed their EOD suits, lay down beside a pound of Semtex (while wearing the suit) to prove it works, and detonated it
                      Question YJ would the pressure wave off the explosive not **** pulverise your internal organs with the EOD suit on?
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                        The purpose of the EOD suit is in the event of an unplanned detonation to keep all the body parts in one area.


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                          Originally posted by B Inman
                          The purpose of the EOD suit is in the event of an unplanned detonation to keep all the body parts in one area.
                          Oh right so basically body body stays together but internal organs take on the consistancy of a slush puppy.
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                            I read as well muzzle, like that description bosco!


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                              The effects wouldn't be as bad as what some are making out. Humans are made mostly of water, the blast is transferred via air. The parts of the body that suffer most due to blast waves are the air filled bits, lungs, ears etc.

                              It's not like a bullet impact where the shockwave is tranferred directly to the tissues, the energy transfer from air to tissues won't be anywhere near as efficient.

                              The suit provides additional protection beyond the natural resistance of the human body, which obviously makes being in the vicinity of an explosion a survivable event within certain parameters.
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