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Army probe into US devices

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  • Army probe into US devices


    AN ARMY investigation is underway after two men, walking near the firing ranges in the Curragh, became ill and suffered eye irritation when they came across an exploded tear gas canister which is believed to have been used by military personnel from the United States Embassy.

    The device contained chloracetophenon (CN) gas and is part of the arsenal used by the US military who protect the embassy and official residences of the ambassadorial staff. They are the only foreign personnel allowed to carry weapons in this State.

    The Americans are allowed to practise firing their weapons at the Curragh ranges through agreement with the Department of Defence and are usually accompanied by Defence Forces personnel. However, the army was apparently not aware that the Americans were also practising with the tear gas or "Mace" grenades.

    CN and the more common CS gases are not used by the Defence Forces or the Gardai. The weapon, which is usually used for crowd control, was withdrawn from use by the Irish security forces after they were widely and controversially used by the British army against rioters in Northern Ireland during the early 1970s.

    A spokesman for the Defence Forces yesterday confirmed the two men had suffered nausea and eye irritation and contacted military authorities at the Curragh. They received treatment by army medics and were discharged without further problems, he said. The spokesman said that the incident was the subject of an investigation.

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    I've been exposed to concentrated CS, it's certainly not pleasant.

    The article begs the question: What do the Gardai use for crowd control if not tear gas? It's pretty much the international standard. I don't know of any water cannon vehicles either.

    Driver, tracks, troops.... Drive and adjust!!


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      They hit people with pieces of wood, it seems to work very well
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        Degrees of Force, The Gardai?? Pah!

        Shutup Boy or I'll hit you with My Schtick!!
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