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Career Course or Other Course ? Which one [ poll ]

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  • Career Course or Other Course ? Which one [ poll ]

    This post is to test the water per se.
    Case Study :

    You are a trained 3* in your corps skills .

    Perhaps not all the corps skills [ e.g. if Inf you haven't done the SF or 60 yet , or if LSB not Mod 4 yet or whatever ]

    You will do a 2/3 week course next year.

    Would you do a non-career course [ e.g. SF or Mod 4 or whatever ] or would you do the PNCO course ?

    For the purposes of the question assume there are no restrictions on numbers on any course and you can get the time off - all restrictions are lifted

    I am trying to find out what people want ..

    So : even if you are an NCO or officer now please answer the question as

    A: if you were a 3* NOW
    B: and you will only do one course next year.
    Yes, a Career Course that sounds good
    No, I want to do another course.
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    i could see the career courses winning out, i'd assume (open for correction) that the non career course can be done as a nco
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      The question is asked as if you were a 3 star.
      "Are they trying to shoot down the other drone? "

      "No, they're trying to fly the tank"


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        career course, I think you would be more likely to use it. If I did a SF or 60 course I dont think I would get as much use out of it as a pnco's course.
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          Corp specific/support course...can't command an SF or whatever section until you know how to operate in one as a private/gunner. For example, our 3*'s complete a gunnery course to allow them be on a gun crew. Then PNCO, then gun Detachment Commander's course. You can't really be a leader in the battery if the gunners know more about the weapons than you.

          Of course, there's always exceptions...I did two years gunnery, then DC's a few weeks before PNCO, but I wouln't have done the PNCO without the gunnery.
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            I choose career course, have been put forward for standard course thanks id say to a fairly good course report from the mortor course this year.
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              For what it's worth, my opinion is that if you are making a career of it, then you need a proper mix of both types that suit your individual situation, that is if you have a choice. The route you take regarding courses may sometimes be determined by the exegencies of the service.
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                I think that before you consider being an NCO you should be able to do every job a private does. Doing a non career course before doing a career course will do nothing but make you more knowledgeable in your job when you do go to be an NCO.

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                  If its a straight choice -

                  Career courses should ALWAYS get priority - we are always going to need NCOs & Officers who are qualified and/or trained to hold there appointments.

                  In theory there is supposed to X amount of personnel in a infantry coy trained on the 84, SF & 60 mortar, in practice has anyone who has done the courses seen them since?, do they do their TOETs/TOEMDs annually?, do they fire them annually? If we can't get a platoon on the ground, what is the point in training people up on support weapons? Having said that from what I hear courses are fun & on weapons cses they get to make big bangs (I wouldn't know someone has to look after the rest of the troops).

                  Also an NCO/officer isn't qualified to instruct, be DC/section/platoon commander unless they have completed an instructors course. Are these being run for the RDF?


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                    I found (in my coy anyway) that once you did a 'career' course it was harder to get a different course afterwards as you were under pressure to go on camp.

                    Have things changed any?
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                      My experience was -

                      Do a Career course. You could be waiting 3/4 years for another. Do the specialist courses in the intervening years. I did the 81mm as a Sgt.

                      You also don't need to know every weapon. Platoon weapons yes, but Coy level or higher no. You should know the Characteristics of the weapon but you don't need to know every detail about it. I have never done the new 60mm, but I still know how to employ the weapon. Do 1 ILSW, maybe do another if you can. Try and get on a Bn Level weapons cse.

                      All in all, it can take time to build up a knowledge of the different weapons. In fact, being at an NCO rank while doing a support weapon can be beneficial - My 81mm Cse included training in manual plotting & Morfire which wasn't done with the Ptes. It also included MFC & CP training. It was along the lines of Introductory training but most of the Higher ranks got to do it.
                      Officers doing Support weapons courses can be very difficult. You really need to have your weapons courses completed before being commissioned.


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                        Do an MP course and make a career change.


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                          Originally posted by Caipin Cach View Post
                          Do an MP course and make a career change.
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                            Originally posted by Caipin Cach View Post
                            Do an MP course and make a career change.
                            loose you r mates

                            loose your sense of humour

                            loose your self respect

                            loose the ability to wipe your A*se after having a dum*

                            its a career change ok
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                              Career course without a doubt. I did my pots and then went on to do the 81 mortar and hmg as a cpl. These courses are better as an nco because you get more responsibillity and a work. Like docman said. You can still do these courses as a cpl or sgt. Loads of time but a career course doesn't come around as easy. As the fella said. If in doubt, choose both.
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