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2008 Defence Budget

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  • 2008 Defence Budget

    2008 Budget Figures

    Page 79.

    A substantive 384% increase in travel and freight expenses due to the EU mission to Chad, and a 10% net increase overall (someone less stressed with college work than I would be better placed to work this out in real terms).

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    Costs Arising Directly From Ireland's Participation In The E.u.'s European
    Security And Defence Policy
    2007____________________ 2008
    1,258,000________________1,584,000____________+ 26%

    Ordnance, Clothing And Catering
    2007 2008
    18,679,000 23,646,000 + 27%

    2007 2008
    40,955,000 42,815,000 +5%

    Military Transport
    2007 2008
    11,530,000 19,772,000 + 71%

    Reserve Defence Force: Pay, Etc. ….
    2007 2008
    12,541,000 10,459,000 -17%

    Net Increase 80,261,000
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      And I bet the bulk of the Tpt budget will be going over seas.
      Without supplies no army is brave.

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      Instructions to his Generals, 1747


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        RDF pay is down by 17%?


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          Christ, didn't see that coming...


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            €3.8m is set aside for new Machine guns, according to the Irish Times.
            Also €6m for Mowag APCs, and €6.8m for the LTAV project, which may again see the light of day. Hopefully the market has suitably matured by now.

            Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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              Also €6m for Mowag APCs

              Probably works out at about for mowags

              and €6.8m for the LTAV project,
              ...and about half of that will be spent **** acting about looking at things we could never possibly afford
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