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    Lads, any tips on getting fit!!!!!!
    Hopefully I have about 6-8 weeks to get fit!!!
    I know everyone says go running, which I do but I run the Lough(in Cork 1 mile on the outside), and most of the time I can't jog around even once without having to slow down and walk for a minute.
    I know the army test is run mile and half in 10 mins 30 secs, but must you do this continually, or can you jog for 5 mins, walk fast for a min, jog for the rest etc
    Also are threadmills in gyms actually any better for beginners.
    I'm not an unfit person.I play football a few times a week, and am a fast sprinter, but my stamina is f**ked

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    Treadmills are better at the begining but do you a disservice in the long run. The treadmill will allow you to establish a pace etc. that you think you can be comfortable with. The only trouble is that treadmills are usually softer than acutal ground and you will find that when doing running outdoors you knees start to hurt, so make sure that you do plenty of squats whenever you exercise on the treadmill.
    Another thing is that they can never exactly simulate undulating terrain properly.

    I'd say start out on the treadmill and gradually work you way to running outdoors.

    Just start off and keep going, no matter if you can't get around first time, if you do it everyday it gets easier.

    As far as diet, give up sweets crisps coke etc. You will be amazed at the difference. Drink only water, no booze, this is the hardest bit but you will feel the difference quite soon, even in your wallet, if what I hear about the price of a pint in ireland these days is true.

    Good luck



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      If you have difficulty running a complete lap or more than one lap of the Lough, try building up your stamina. Start of with running 100m, walking 100m, until you complete the distance you require. Over the days increase the running element and reduce the walking until such a time as you can run the entire the distance. This would only take a couple of weeks. Also I find it is better to run with somebody, somehow that whole military thing of keeping in step just kicks in and away I go.


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        There's a 10k programme in this month's An Cosantoir.
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          the lough in cork is 250 yards short of a mile on the outside trust me a mate of mine clocked it on a motorbike one night alot of people get a false picture of their times from the lough..


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            Cheers for the tips lads!!


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              RTFM, dude!

              If nothing else, read chapter one. The introduction and general principles.

              FM 21-20 Army Physical Fitness

              Note particularly the concept of 'don't run more than every other day'...

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