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  • AGDC Course

    Hi there,
    I was wondering has anyone here done an AGDCs Course in the Artillery School of late??I am going on 1 shortly and hoped to find out what in intails.Dont want to go into it blind.No one in my unit has done 1 in about 10 years.

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    GDC Course

    May I suggest that you make contact with your sister Bty in Cork. At least 20 NCOs have the course completed, all within the last 10 years !!


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      There was a write up on the Arty Sch a few years back explained some of the details. RDF AGDC is usually run at the same time as either Arty YOs or Arty Std Offrs course (can't remember which).


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        What's an AGDC course? Wouldn't worry about it too much, they're a sound bunch of lads up in the arty school.
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          Originally posted by kermit
          Artillery Gun Detachment Commanders course
          And there was me thinking it was some RDFRA thing.................

          DAMNIT, I thought I was in for more free beer.........................
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            Free BEER ??????????

            Why was i not informed of this.
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              I like the sound of the free beer lol.The course is being run with a Y/Os course.