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Southern Brigade Shooting Competition

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  • Southern Brigade Shooting Competition

    Its nearly that time again boys and girls,

    who is going to be there doing what?

    Given I fractured a rib during training last year and couldn't fire 'plates' and moved to the Pistol..albeit a very poor performance .

    Yep you guess it back for the falling plates again this year. This will be my seventh falling plates competition at Brigade /Command Level in a discipline that I was probably too old to even start at 34 years of age.

    Given I will be 41 this year and seem to be shooting consistently as always, have not even reached the pain barrier yet and am supported by a far younger team with some of the golden oldies still on board...who is rising to the challenge?

    On the consistent shooting front I have been using the same weapon for the past seven years and the adjustment has been been minimal.

    No doubt it wll be the same old faces in some competitions but hopefully a few new faces.

    And for the first time in a long time 31reserve Cav will have an entrant for the Individual rifle competition.

    Hope fully its going to be a good year.
    Covid 19 is not over's still very real..Hand Hygiene, Social Distancing and Masks.. keep safe

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    go on the cav
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      Pretty much everyone on my units team is a two star. with maybe one NCO and possibly 1/2 three stars if they decide to.

      We are not very prepared but we will give it our best and have a laugh doing it!!!
      I probably am wrong, sorry about that!!!

      Please PM me to correct me.

      But, not if I state an opinion, only if I state something as truth!!!

      I have bad opinions but I stick by them!!!


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        So we can have some free sundays in may maybe................ I truth I dont know nor care. All we need is practice and the more the better.
        The plates should be as interesting as ever
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          I have to agree with kermit over the timing issue but given that the brigade competition is a qualifier for the All Army it has to be run before the All army and given camps etc and the lull in activities in the month of auguts training time for the brigade has to be a bout now, but the trining time allowed is far too short.

          The moving of the all army to coincide with the PDF competion never allowed for the training times need for the RDF brigade competition so the descisoin to run it off now was slightly misinformed.

          Our trqaining for the Brigade always coinciided with the clocks going back as we used to train tow nights per week.

          WQe can only mange a fraction of this training now but we might have some interesting competition on the range next week..should 'they' allow themsleves the time.

          I'm not going to say who the 'they' is but 'they ' aint RDF and won't be competing but it would be nice to have a try out against 'them'
          Covid 19 is not over's still very real..Hand Hygiene, Social Distancing and Masks.. keep safe