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Clothing Issues and Charges

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    As far as scale of issue goes, I was issued the fleece, the norwegian, leather gloves and that hat/neck warmer back in 2002.
    To date nearly all the bods in my Bn have been issued either the fleece or the norwegian or both!

    Didnt you do well id believe it if i seen it though.

    On paper.
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      Well way back I was issued shoes but don't get much oppertunity to wear them. For Any dress parade the CS always specifies Boots 24B type to be worn. There is one female that is exempt. She got special girlie boots.

      If a guy turns up in anything else he knows full well he is going to get an unplesant reminder. And no one has any sympathy.
      Without supplies no army is brave.

      —Frederick the Great,

      Instructions to his Generals, 1747


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        Jeeeeeeeeeeesus. I thought it was bad over here
        When I breeze into that city, people gonna stoop and bow.
        All them women gonna make me, teach 'em what they don't know how


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          they probably something else going on who knows who peed off the CS in the past ,,,,
          seems a silly charge on face of it .
          do all charges go through brigade legal officer ?
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