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Defence Force plans to sell off army surplus

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  • Defence Force plans to sell off army surplus

    Defence plans to sell off army surplus

    The Irish Independent


    MEMBERS of the public could soon be able to buy surplus army tanks, armoured cars, trucks and other military equipment under a novel fund-raising plan.

    The cash-stretched Department of Defence, which has funded a modernisation programme by cutting the size of the army and selling off barracks and land, is now looking at putting surplus equipment up for auction.

    Modernising the army has meant buying hundreds of trucks and other transport vehicles, as well as a new armoured fleet.

    As a result over 100 armoured vehicles, including 60 Panard M-3 armoured personnel carriers, 30 AML armoured cars, as well as Irish-produced Timoneys are surplus to requirements, as well as a large "soft-skinned" fleet of trucks, cars, and vans. Eventually, if they are not upgraded, the army's fleet of Scorpion tanks could also be sold off.

    Sources said last year over 60 mostly driveable obsolete armoured vehicles were cut up for scrap by dealers paying €500-€1,000 each - while trucks and Mondeo staff cars about 10 years old were also being scrapped.

    Obsolete military equipment sales are big business in the UK and on the Continent where hobbyists buy and restore the vehicles and sometimes use them in military "re-enactment" shows or acquire them for film or TV work.

    Individual vehicles like the AML armoured car could make five times as much if sold to the public rather then being scrapped. The similar ex-British Army Ferret armoured car can make about €6,500 in the UK; while ex-Irish army Bedford trucks could make about €4,600 and Scorpion tanks could be sold from €20,000 each.

    A Department of Defence spokesman confirmed that they were considering re-introducing auctions of military equipment.

    Auctions, similar to the Garda vehicles auction, had been held up to about 10 years ago and were seen as a source of revenue for the department, he said.

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    Eventually, if they are not upgraded, the army's fleet of Scorpion tanks could also be sold off.
    Would love to know the source for this story.


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      Are they selling the old FNs, is so put me down for 2. One for over the fireplace and one for under the bed.

      Heard they were selling them off to African counties, which would be a most foolish move.


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        I think that Ireland has signed up to a UN convention on small arms sales, which discourages unloading surplus weapons into the third world. If the experience of the Gustav is anything to go by, they'll be cut up.

        Decommisioned FN parts kits are popular in the US. The salvaged kits (nearly all the bits except the receiver) are added to a legal semi automatic receiver, to build a semiautomatic version of the rifle.


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          any ideas as to how much money could be generated by the sales ? maybe €2 - 3 million ? this should be spent on the dieselisation of the scorpions.


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            Ooooh.. I might be interested in a couple of items!

            Even if I can't buy 'em, I know for sure someone who might.

            Put me down for a few FNs as well...

            Driver, tracks, troops.... Drive and adjust!!


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              Mr lavery has been known for his excellent sources in the this website for example..Most of the vehicles he mentioned were scrapped. Warranty problems..they would be responsible for any faults the new owners would discover..

              That said,I wouldnt mind an ex presidential escort Kwak 550..
              I doubt they have ever gone over 50mph..

              Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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                Normally vehicles sold at aution carry no warranty, would this be any different for a DF sale?


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                  I wouldnt say this is the case..Its not a warranty as such,but the seller is responsible for the goods being suitable for sale. "let the buyer beware" and "sold as is" have no legal backup.

                  Unless the items are sold as scrap.

                  Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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                    can't see it happening with vehicles as insurance is the problem.There is no requirment for DOD vehicles to carry an NCT and as afesult it is possible that such vehicles are a potential hazard on the road.the minister would be leaving himself wide open to a new claim wave.....non qualified people driving armour...potentially disasterous.........every rev head in town owning an M3 VTT what fun.....although I would fancy an ACMAT myself
                    Covid 19 is not over's still very real..Hand Hygiene, Social Distancing and Masks.. keep safe


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                      You can get insurance which entitles you to drive one of these vehicles at military shows & such like,which is what most of them will be picked up by - military vehicle enthusiasts - hoping to pick up sumthin nice meself,although what i really want is a daimler scout or a Ferret scout car!!:D
                      The mot'll go bleedin mad but there you are - fuk it!!!!!!!!
                      Live long and prosper!


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                        I'll have a Bren gun please, and an AML for city driving. Maybe the DOD could auction them on Ebay - I've seen people ask for loads of money for shite and get it.


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                          most of the trucks would be fit only for scrap.

                          as for the armoured vehicles, will be around 2010 before the aml goes, so a bit of a wait for those.


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                            I heard from an cav sgt this evening that the acmats and the scorpions are not on offer to anyone as they are need anything else is up including the amls once a replacement is sourced in 2007
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                              The Acmats recently underwent a DS&T inspection to ascertain as to whether they are worhty of being kept or scrapped,unknown if they will be replaced though.
                              Live long and prosper!