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Any One out at Bray today?

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  • Any One out at Bray today?

    Bit of an airshow out there and an RDF tent..(weapons display.)

    2nd Regt were also there.

    Good day but it was packed to the brim..Got a pic of the globe master.

    Missed the Golden Knights as I was on my way home..

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    I was there, decent show from the local aerobats, but the Blades blew everyone away!

    Dunno whether it was good or bad that the aer arann atr got closer to the crowd for photos than the IAC CASA, both being planes in a similar class......
    If you have to do it, you always have to do it right. Either it makes a difference, or it’s good practice so that when it does make a difference, it gets done right.



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      Good show, except for PC-9s.Very short display and a bit pedestrian.EC-135 was good.Blades excellent.Gerry Humphreys was excellent,as per.Dave Bruton and Eddie Goggins were also first-class, especially Eddie's 13-turn spin.C-17 was worth the wait.


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        2 of the Admins and 1 mod were at the show, one of the admins and the mod missed 90% of the show, something to do with sailing I believe....


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          Was the C-17 a Brize Norton resident?


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            Nope, a Yank..

            Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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              lads the two (imho) high points of the day were the C17 and the aer arran (those lads musta been having a ball,) by a mile, i found the para display was poor (i was at arnhem last year and that was a para demo) .....

              and (ya can hate me for this) formation flying 172's is an embarrassment!

              other than this i had a nice day,
              But there's no danger
              It's a professional career
              Though it could be arranged
              With just a word in Mr. Churchill's ear
              If you're out of luck you're out of work
              We could send you to johannesburg.

              (Elvis Costello, Olivers Army)