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    Not sure if im at the right page,
    But can anyone tell me how do you apply for tech pay??

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    Originally posted by sgt mul View Post
    Not sure if im at the right page,
    But can anyone tell me how do you apply for tech pay??
    Wrong page but here goes, if you are holding a vacancy that attracts tech pay then the orderly room clerk should process the paperwork for you and you get the tech backdated to the date you took up the position.

    If you are carrying out tech duties but there is no vacancy you should still be able to get tech pay. This was fought for by PDFORRA on behalf of cooks, drivers and clerks and the same principle should carry over. If you do the job you are entitled to the pay for it, if your CO won't make a case for you contact Simon Devereaux through your local district PDFORRA rep. and he will help you make a claim for tech pay.

    Best of luck!


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      Unless you're in the RDF, in which case you'll probably be laughed at at every stage, or met with blank looks and questions of "what the feck is tech pay?".


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        I wonder how those things like the rights commissioner and equality tribunal would react if an RDF person took a case about not getting tech pay or being paid properly for duties.... has it been done?
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          "those rules don't apply to the RDF"

          Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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            there are loads of tech pay holders in the RDF, mostly a Corps thing.
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              Originally posted by trellheim View Post
              there are loads of tech pay holders in the RDF, mostly a Corps thing.
              yes but as kermit says you need to be in an appointment.
              Since the re-org there are numerous pers in corps units that are no longer in appointments.
              Also as we discussed in a previous thread the tech qualification has to be recognised. Just because you may be a fitter will not automatically get you the fitter-cpls post.
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                Originally posted by kermit
                You need to hold an appointment that is a Tech Appointment
                This is where the major difference occurs between PDF & RDF, after a long fight by PDFORRA it has been recognised that if your unit requires you to carry out Tech duties then they must make the case, on your behalf, to get Tech Pay at the appropriate rate.

                I have seen through reading other posts that confidence in RDFRA is by no means universal, but surely this is grounds for a motion instructing your NEC to make the case on behalf of it's members, siting the decision in the PDFORRA case as having set precedence.

                I don't know when your ADC is but that would be the route I would take


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                  The BDC will be next year, such a motion should not have a problem passing. However it is no good passing a motion if the relevent people don't push for it to be applied, i.e. unit /sub unit commanders have to make the case, the person affected has to be prepared to ask why not if, if people refuse to make a case.


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                    The simple question is are you in an appointment that allows you to get tech pay and do you have the relevant qualification for it


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                      So if i do a recognised course within the defence force that entiles PDF to tech pay and reserve gets squat?????
                      For example a soldier in the PDF who is an occ. first aider and an ambulance skills quailifed gets a tech 2 pay
                      Exact same course that the RDF soldier has done with PDF combined classes gets nothing
                      How dones that seem fair
                      Same course quailification different set of standards?????????


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                        Are you sure that the PDF soldier (say his appointment is an infantryman) gets Tech 2 pay for those courses if he is not filling in the appointment?


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                          There is an appointment for an Private RDF driver in a Coy HQ. If you are a 3* and have passed 154 modules 1 & 2 (as a minimum) ask your Coy Commander & cadre CQ can you fill that vacancy as you are qualified to fill it.

                          The coy commander puts in the ROs book and sends it to Bn HQ who then publishes it as:
                          Change in grade/class
                          Pte Bloggs is changed from Pte 3* Line to Pte 3* Tech Grade 1 wef xx/xx/200x

                          As to whether or not you should get tech pay or not, if you are holding the appointment during FTT you should?!


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                            The actual appointment in question you are talking about Dev is
                            Dvr/Rdo Op X 1 (G1)

                            So unless you had the Radio course on your 517 as well you wouldn't get it.
                            "Are they trying to shoot down the other drone? "

                            "No, they're trying to fly the tank"


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                              How do RDF get Tech Pay

                              is it extra onto your yearly grat

                              or is there another way

                              I respect all those who volunteer to be part of our volunteer reserve forces

                              I remember when I was volunteering with a local CHurch group (dont laugh)

                              I never expected any money- I kind of figured that I was volunteering as such

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