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€41m 'jewel in the crown' Army barracks sale go-ahead

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  • €41m 'jewel in the crown' Army barracks sale go-ahead

    €41m 'jewel in the crown' Army barracks sale go-ahead

    Ray Managh
    The Irish Independent
    THE €41m sale of the former 90-acre military barracks known as the 'Jewel in the Crown' of army landbanks - can now go ahead.

    In the High Court yesterday, Mr Justice Paul Gilligan ruled a settlement agreement between the former warring parties, the defence minister, Ballincollig Holdings Ltd., which claimed to hold the interest in the leases, and O'Flynn Construction Co Ltd.

    The sale of Murphy Barracks at Ballincollig, Co Cork had been held up because Ballincollig Holdings, South Mall, Cork, had claimed the property should revert to them.

    George Brady SC, counsel for the minister; James Dwyer SC, counsel for O'Flynn Construction, and Maruice Gaffney SC, counsel for Ballincollig Holdings, told Judge Gilligan the dispute had been settled.

    The funds raised from the disposal of military properties are being invested in the redevelopment of other military installations and essential new equipment.

    The delay in disposing of the former barracks would have had significant financial implications as the estimates for the department next year had already been framed on the basis that the €41m would be realised prior to the government finalising the Budget for 2004 in December. Defence Minister, Michael Smith has now axed five army facilities.

    Murphy Barracks boasts frontage which comprises almost half the entire main street in the booming Cork town - and a landbank which sweeps, in the rear, down to the River Lee.

    Property tycoon, Michael O'Flynn, now plans to develop a 900-house residential scheme on the lands as well as commercial units.

    Part of the Murphy Barracks site is also the focus of a proposed €45m plan to develop a rehab hospital with 400 full and part-time staff. It will treat patients in Munster with severe brain, neck and spinal injuries.

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    Re: €41m 'jewel in the crown' Army barracks sale go-ahea

    Originally posted by andy
    €41m 'jewel in the crown' Army barracks sale go-ahead

    . It will treat patients in Munster with severe brain injuries.
    sounds like most kerry fans on the day of the all ireland final
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      has it occoured to anyone where we're going to put all of our soldiers if and when we come to a stage where a large military is required (unforseen major conflict etc)? Pitch tents in the phenox park?


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        Herr Klutz, you don't just magically expand an army overnight. How long to you think the process would take?

        Now in this time, do you not think alternative accomodation could be arranged?

        It'd be incredibly stupid to maintain surplus barracks for the (highly remote) prospect of a large urgent expansion being needed.
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          well for instance if you were to call up the entire reserve onto active service as a first stage where would you put them all?

          And with rapid mobilisation if required you could have an (albeit poorly trained) army within a month...the corps of engineers would have to do a great job to accomodate everyone in that time, especially if they also had to put in place extra training facilities.


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            Well you see (and trying not to go off thread!) In a large Scale Unforseen conflict that Ireland would be drawn into (i.e after we've watched the Nukes fly over and the Air Forces of the World fight it out to the death.) we would have to train up our troops to fight Guerilla style tactics (It really is the only way we could fight) It would take a month to 6 weeks to cover the RM - Basic Tactics - Fieldcraft etc. Then Dig in and wait for the Invasion!!

            I don't see the need for Barracks in this Situation as we'd be spending a lot of time on the ground!!
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              well, I think there is another thread where we're talking over the future of the rish army...I drop my point here so as I'm not repeating myself again (hey, it was a big post...)


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                I find it hard to imagine a realistic scenario where the entire reserve will be called up. There is no need to maintain large, empty barracks on the off-chance that there will be a need to house thousands of extra soldiers.
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                  It good news translating hopefully into lkight tactical vehicles.

                  even if more barracks were closed down, in the unlikely event the reserve was called up, there would probably still be enough barracks to put them in, The defence forces has more barracks then it knows to do with, they were build in the days when infantry marched and artillery was drawn by horses.


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                    I think a war would result in affordable property prices
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                      Historically its tended to push them . Still, property in Ireland is way over valued. i remember when you could buy a three bedroom house in a nice suburb of Dublin for less than £80,000.


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                        klutz ....why are you so concerned about barrack closures all of a sudden.The barracks in question was closed in 1997 as was the majority of surplus posts.Given that it would take an act of the dail for a full mobilization I recon the army would find somewhere for us to live in the event of it ever happening....don't worry we 'll manage.
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                          If something is so serious that it would require the full mobilisation of the reserves to handle it where we sleep will be the least of our worries.
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                            Sure can't the Q issue you with a sleeping bag and bivvy! whats the problem?, I;m sure many members of the DF slept in the Phoenix Park without them.(Okay it might not have been as part of an exercise more likely it was at the end of a particularly bad piss up!, but as they say , "when in Rome, do as the Romans do!":D


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                              God help this country of the whole reserve is mobilized in the morning. Think of the chaos. Not a hope of it occurying. It would take weeks and as HPT said by that time the army would have sorted out a place for you rest your weary head. Murphy Barracks was only occupied by the 1FAR anyway and they were not exactly using the whole place to its fully potential. Plenty of savings have been made sence it was closed. Paulg I remember the time when a 3-bedroomed house on a 1/3 of an acre locally were selling for £45000 and at the time it was considered very expensive
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