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Finance Bill No.2 2008

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  • Goldie fish
    Not really. Look again at the exemptions for working hours.

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  • trellheim
    started a topic Finance Bill No.2 2008

    Finance Bill No.2 2008

    Has been published during the week, so I was looking for the bicycle 1000 euro and I came across: .

    Two interesting things

    1. There's no real exemption for the Defence Forces under the parking levy. The net implication of this is that I have to pay 200 euro a year as an RDF soldier to park in the barracks on a Tuesday evening.

    But what's that I hear you cry .... "You're not an employee !, you're a Volunteer!"

    2. "‘public sector employee’ means a person
    whose emoluments are paid, funded or
    partly funded directly or indirectly by the
    State" - Yep, that's me all right - and the rest of you

    Page 22. - see for more
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